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This is me. The voice behind the blog.

ROAD Tripper,

I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. My parents often joke that I was raised in a car because we traveled so much when I was growing up. I guess that was where my love for roadtrips first came about. I get stir crazy when I sit still for too long but not when I’m on my way somewhere. Despite the many trips I’ve taken, I still lose sleep and often have the urge to cancel the day before. I don’t have a bucket list because that list would be unsustainably long.
Where to find me:
I do daily stories on Instagram and you’ll see me snapping @jacknjilltravel every now and then. See you there.

This is Jack. He’s been my best friend and adventure buddy for the past 15 years.

DEVELOPER Extraordinaire,

Jack’s first international trip was to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit my parents. The fact that he survived it (if you’ve been to Jakarta, you know it’s nothing short but overwhelming) made him realise that he can survive it, he can survive anything. He’s as comfortable underwater as when he’s hanging off a cliff. As good behind a computer as getting (me) out of uncomfortable situations. Truly the best adventure buddy anyone can ask for.

How it started (work in progress)

2007: The official start of “adulting”. We graduated, got married, got our first full-time jobs.

Spring 2008: We went on our honeymoon to Alaska where we went backpacking in trail-less Denali National Park. As total noobs. Totally not smart, nor romantic. We got cold, sick, and lost. But we did see grizzlies in the wild. Totally.worth.it.

Summer 2008: We hiked Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in continental US in one day. It was a 22 mile round trip hike and it took us 20 hours. 10 years later I still vow that it’s something that strictly belongs in “once in a lifetime camp”. I’ll never do that again.

Fall 2008: We went skydiving for my birthday. This was when I fell in love with jumping off things. I dream of going base jumping someday but Jack keeps saying “over my dead body.”

Summer 2009: We hiked the JMT. It was an incredible experience that every hiker should definitely do.

2010: We started Jack and Jill Travel.

2011: We took a year off to travel (you know – the whole quit your job and travel the world thing). We’re currently based in San Francisco and proud owners of a orange tabby, but we haven’t stopped traveling. And sharing stories.

UPDATE! (2015)
We did it again! We left the cat with a friend, quit our jobs and moved out of SF, and bought a Sprinter van! We’re currently traveling North America in our converted Sprinter van. Come follow our van life journey!

UPDATE! (2016)
We moved to Germany. Because… well, why not?

UPDATE! (2017)
It turned out that Europe wasn’t quite ready for us yet. We moved back to San Francisco and reunited with our cat.

How can we afford to travel so much?

Time: I work as a freelance web developer and thus have the flexibility that allows me to be location independent. I do like having a home base though. So does our cat. Jack goes back and forth between holding a full time job and freelancing as a software developer as different opportunities arise. He’s really good at what he does and that allows him to be flexible with time off whenever he feels like it.

Money: I set a yearly travel budget and work within it. So that means in one year we can either do a few expensive trips (Hello, Europe and Antarctica!) or many/longer trips to budget places like Asia or Central America. Not being too picky about destinations and being able to travel in shoulder seasons definitely helps.

Traveling solo

We have different styles of travel and there’s a big part of the world that Jack has no desire to visit. So far I’ve traveled solo to Nicaragua, Cuba, Ethiopia, South Korea, many parts of Europe and the US. We do more adventurous stuff when we travel together (he’s the best adventure buddy), but I also love the freedom of solo traveling.

This is how I roll
This is how I roll solo. See what’s in my bag.

An adventure travel blog

Adventure means stepping out of our comfort zone. I’ll tell you, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as coming out of something thinking,

Holy crap, I can’t believe I just did that!

Trying oysters for the first time, going on a roadtrip with strangers, and getting scuba certified despite my fear of the ocean are just examples of what adventures mean to us.

To be uncomfortable. And to overcome.

On occasional bouts of temporary insanity, we do things like climbing the highest mountain in continental USA in one day, or backpacking the trail-less Denali with no idea of how to read a map, or getting naked in public, or rather spontaneously moved to a foreign country.

Assuming we survive these mishaps, we write about them.

We don’t take ourselves seriously, neither should you.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a collection of our past posts in selected categories just to get you started:

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On climbing

We like to climb things. We simply love being around mountains: climbing them, walking on them, taking pictures of them. See all our climbing related posts or check out some of some of our favorites:

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  1. I was looking for affordable skiing in the USA, came across your site, noticed we have a lot of things in common like climbing, hiking, mountains etc, so I looked. I dont like to pry on you in secrecy. Interresting read, all the best guys and happy travels

    1. Hi Kurt, thanks for introducing yourself. Where about are you based? If you’re ever in California and looking for some outdoor recommendations, feel free to contact us ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A fun blog and the About Us page is one of the best I’ve come across! SO glad that your lifestyle is shaping up so well for you. My partner and I are ‘composing a new life’ for ourselves too which you can read about on our blogs. Safe travels, David

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