Classic American Roadtrip: Florida Keys Highlights

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As an outdoor and road trip lover, I’m lucky to call California home. With its abundance of state and national parks, California is home to some of my favorite stretches of road. Having said that, Jack and I don’t drive much since we don’t even own a car, so driving in Florida turned out to …

What’s It Like to Travel in Tokyo?

For me going to Japan was like having a part of my childhood come to life. I grew up reading mangas where I learned about eating taoyaki, going to onsen, and sitting around kotatsu before I knew there was a “Japan” beyond these stories, if you know what I mean.

Into the Winds, Freemont Peak

Wyoming’s Wind River Range is one of my favorite discoveries during our year-long climbing road trip. I can spend a whole summer here. I can keep coming back year after year. Our destination on this trip is Freemont Peak.

Zadar, Experience Croatia Without the Crowd

Zadar has its own version of charms. It hasn’t been completely overrun by souvenir stores selling identical knick-knacks. Go a few blocks beyond the main street and I found tell tale signs of a ‘lived-in’ city: a city with offices, stationery stores, bookstores, and government buildings.