LATEST Woot! I’m Finally A US Citizen!

FInally a US citizen

San Francisco, USA Last Wednesday 800 plus people from 95 countries gathered together in an old theatre in Oakland to become US’ newest citizens. I was one of them. So yeah, that was a pretty exciting day. For many of us, it marked the end of a long journey filled with paperwork, countless appointments, and… Read more »

Yellowknife's snowcastle

Ways to Enjoy Spring in Yellowknife

Yellowknife, Canada Most visitors come to Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territory for one thing and one thing only: to see the northern lights. Its location on the 60th parallel (sub-arctic), flatness, and lakes makes it one of the best places in the world to see the auroras. As seeing the northern lights is an exclusively… Read more »

Ushguli Georgia

Photo Gallery: Hidden Ushguli

If I have to pick one highlight of Georgia, Ushguli would be it. Pig manure or not. It was everything I imagined Georgia to be: remote, wild, and utterly gorgeous.

by KyleWiTh

Pardon the Interruption, Life Update

Admittedly,things have been slow here. The last two weeks have been challenging to say the least. One of the reasons I hadn’t been around much was because I was working full time for the first time in years. And it came with a commute! I accepted a short-term contract gig that required me to commute… Read more »

Tsminda Sameba church

Scenes from Georgian Military Highway

Tbilisi – Kazbegi, Georgia Georgian Military Highway connects Tbilisi and Russia through the spectacular valleys and passes in the Caucasus. It was one of the highlights of my visit to Georgia. It was such a gorgeous drive that I did it not once, or twice, but 3 times (although admittedly, the weather was so bad… Read more »

View of Kakheti wine region

Tbilisi – Favorite Finds and Day Trips

Tbilisi wormed its way into my heart despite our mutual initial indifference. It wasn’t an easy city to love, but at the end of my time in Georgia, it started to feel a little bit like home.

The exposed west ridge of Pigeon Spire

Our Top Adventures in 2013 in Pictures

What better way to welcome a new year than reflecting on the year past? This is a list of our top adventures in 2013. It took us underwater and up mountains, and to lots of places in-between.

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