Via Ferrata in Murren (also cheese, Eiger, cows, and time travel)

Guys, Switzerland is beautiful. Unbelievably beautiful. This wasn’t my first time in Switzerland but whoa – I forgot how just mind-numbingly gorgeous this country is. We went to Switzerland this summer for a wedding (It was by a lake! Mountain casual dress code! I got to wear my hiking boots!). And you know, since we …

A of Taste of Sicily: The Best Things I Ate in Siracusa

Ortigia Market, Sicily

One of the reasons I was really excited about visiting Sicily was the food. Sicilian food is known for their seafood, wine, granitas, and cheese – totally my kind of food pyramid! Between altitude sickness and lackluster Tibetan food, I lost weight on my previous trip (which never happened before!) so I had extra appetite …

Beyond the Beach: Offbeat Miami Attractions

One of the many colorful murals in Wynnwood - love this one for some reason.

South Beach is all about the glams and the blings. South Beach is where excesses are flaunted and skins are shown. In theory I should feel more at home in low key (har har) Key West, but in reality I fell in love with South Beach vibe the moment I stepped out of my cab in front of my hostel.

What’s It Like to Travel in Tokyo?

For me going to Japan was like having a part of my childhood come to life. I grew up reading mangas where I learned about eating taoyaki, going to onsen, and sitting around kotatsu before I knew there was a “Japan” beyond these stories, if you know what I mean.