Adventures in Vegetarian Bulgarian Food

As a couple consisting of a vegetarian (reluctant pescaterian when traveling) and a picky eater, food is always a challenge when we travel. Especially here in the Balkan region where meat features heavily in local cuisine. Everywhere I look, everyone is gorging on meat. Big pieces of meat. As in, what-animal-does-that-come-from big (on this trip … Continue reading Adventures in Vegetarian Bulgarian Food

A Wine Roadtrip to Melnik Bulgaria

One of the things we learned during our month-long stay in Bulgaria was that Bulgaria makes wine. Really good wine. I only learned about this because I wanted to visit Rozhen Monastery and I happened to read that the surrounding region is one of Bulgaria’s famous wine producing region. So our roadtrip to Melnik starts … Continue reading A Wine Roadtrip to Melnik Bulgaria

Neither Up Nor Down, Stuck on Castleton Tower

In general, I’ve been pretty lucky in all of my travels *knock on wood*. I’d never gotten sick. I’ve only been robbed once. And the only drunk ever vomited near me got the person next to me instead.

But every now and then I encounter a string of bad lucks in one particular place that I can’t help but think that, ‘Man, this place just does NOT like me.’