Land of the free. My adopted country. I’ve driven hundreds of miles of its roads. I’ve hiked hundreds of miles of its trails. I’ve been to 50+ countries and I don’t hesitate to say that the US is the most beautiful country I’ve been to. It has deserts, icebergs, glaciers, tropical forests, mountains, beaches, ancient civilizations, volcanoes… travel this vast country enough and it’ll spoil you for the rest.

There are a lot of things that this country does wrong, but the great thing it’s done right is the creation of public lands. Lands set aside for the enjoyment and recreation of everyone: national parks, national monuments, national forests, etc.

Highlights of United States

Where to begin?

National Parks

One of my life’s goals is to visit all of the 59 national parks. So far I’ve been to 40+? This has led me to believe that the US has one of the most diverse ecosystems and landscapes in the world.

For the mountains, lakes, and waterfalls:
My favorites include Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Denali, Death Valley, Zion… so many more.

For the unique landscape:
Badlands is gorgeously bizarre. Arches and Bryce for their hoodoos and arches. I also love Wind Cave NP for its unique cave formations.

Epic Roadtrips


San Francisco has been our home for the past 8 years. I wrote a short post on what it’s like to live in San Francisco. Learn about San Francisco’s rich history through the ghosts of the pasts: SF Best Ghost Tours.

Winter activity: go skiing in Tahoe.


Mardi Gras, French Quarter, beignets… I liked New Orleans but I didn’t fall in love with New Orleans. I did LOVE my visit to Mardi Gras World where I got to see how the mardi gras floats are being made. So cool!


I think Las Vegas is an ugly city in a beautiful surrounding. Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock are a must visit if you’re looking to escape from the artificial world that is the Vegas Strip. We go to Vegas for the climbing and the shows. Some of our favorite shows are “Ka” (from Cirque du Soleil) and “Absinthe” (so offensive in a good way).

In 2017 I finally made it to Great Basin National Park. I made the trip specifically to visit this remote park and I was so surprised to see that it’s has alpine lakes, snow-capped peaks, and a beautiful cave system

New York

I love New York City, but in small doses πŸ™‚ – NYC, love it or hate?. But the street food in NYC though…


See the mermaid show in Florida. Party in Miami. And of course, you have to take the classic American roadtrip, a roadtrip down the keys to eat some conch and key lime pies. Soon you’ll find yourself weirdly entertaining the idea of moving to live there. Florida, please stay weird.


We briefly entertained the idea of moving to Boulder, we loved the city and the state that much!

If you’re in Telluride, make sure to do the Telluride via ferrata. The exposure! The views!


The Wind River Range stole our hearts! Climbing Freemont Peak and the Cirque of Towers were both great adventures to be had at the Wind.

Things to do in Miami beside going to the beach.

Beyond the Beach: Offbeat Miami Attractions

South Beach is all about the glams and the blings. South Beach is where excesses are flaunted and skins are shown. In theory I should feel more at home in low key (har har) Key West, but in reality I fell in love with South Beach vibe the moment I stepped out of my cab in front of my hostel.