The Valley of Fire – A Colorful Daytrip from Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Valley of Fire State Park is only an hour away from the gawdy light show of Vegas’ strip. But it sure feels like a world’s away. We might as well be on Mars.

Valley of Fire is breathtaking. Every corner turned, every rock climbed reveals yet another squeal worthy vista. Jack and our guide, Chris, were patient enough to wait as I run around taking 2 gazillions pics .

Can you blame me? I had never seen sceneries like this before.

valley of fire vegas

The best sceneries in Valley of Fire require a little hike from the road on unmarked trails. Most people don’t bother. Which is a pity for them and good for us. We didn’t see anybody else out here.

If you go, definitely do not miss the area around Rainbow Lookout and The Wave

Valley of Fire pic More swirls at Valley of Fire valley of fire vegas
The Wave in Valley of Fire SP

rainbow point lookout, valley of fire

Just when you think you know a place, you peel off another layer to find something new. We’d never have associated these sceneries with Vegas.

Do you?

Thanks to Chris from Pink Jeep Tours for taking the extra step in tailoring this trip to us – knowing well that a little hike off the beaten path offers the greatest rewards.

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25 Replies to “The Valley of Fire – A Colorful Daytrip from Vegas”

  1. Even my 5-year-old son is sitting here saying "Amazing!" You are giving me another reason to plan that roadtrip I keep promising myself I will take.

  2. During my 11 years living in Arizona, I saw amazing landscapes. Valley of Fire wasn't one of them. After seeing your photos, I know where my next Southwestern U.S. trip will be.

  3. Wow to think I only went to Vegas to drunkenly blunder around under neon lights. I have never known about the great sites outside of the city, so I'll be happy to modify future visits to Nevada. I really enjoyed the pictures in your post too, it reminds me so much of the place I call home, the American Southwest.

  4. This is a very good place to visit. Valley of Fire gives you a feeling that you are not on Earth. This looks like Mars. You can collect very good photo clicks by visiting this place.

  5. These pictures are sweet guys! I'm currently travelling in South America and have seen some equally stunning colours on rocks in the Atacama desert of Chile and Bolivia, so I know how breathtaking it is to see!

  6. Hi Jill, thanks for letting me know about your site and about this place in particular. This place looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see it for myself in February. Talk to you soon!

  7. We made it to Hoover Dam when we were there and the Grand Canyon but had no idea this fantastic area was close. We will definitely check it out next time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Who knew? I've been to Vegas many many times and have never made it to the Valley of Fire. Now I've got a reason to go back to Vegas! Beautiful and it does look like Mars or what I think Mars would look like 🙂

  9. Loving the pictures! I'd heard nature around Vegas is great, but I hadn't heard about the Valley of Fire yet. I'm so bookmarking this post:-)

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