The Secrets Behind Boulder's Beautiful People

Flatiron Hike
Boulder’s landmark, the Flatirons, in the background – Chautauqua Park

Boulder, Colorado

We arrived in Colorado in the middle of their season’s first snow storm. Never having lived anywhere that snows, this whole ‘season’ thing came as a surprise.

(Think headless chicken shouting – ‘Snow, snow! Oh my gerrr, what to do?!’)

But our hosts in Boulder assured us that Colorado is not called the 300 day of sunshine state for nothing. True enough, 2 days later the sky cleared out and Boulderites could finally leave their homes to do what they do best: frolic in the outdoors. And thus we got our chance to observe the natives.

Everywhere we look in Boulder, we see ridiculously good looking people that look they just walk out of REI catalogs.

Boulderites seems to have the right idea on how to live: you play hard, you eat (and drink) hard.

They start the day with a hearty brunch

Huevos Ranchers from Foolish Craig's
Huevos Ranchers from Foolish Craig’s
Inside of Snooze, Boulder, Colorado
Inside of Snooze, Boulder, Colorado

We were glad to discover that the brunch tradition is live and well in Boulder regardless of what day of the weeks it is. Our favorite brunch place is Southside Walnut Cafe.

Try the tofu scramble with vegetarian sausage – Don’t laugh. It’s actually really good. If it sounds too healthy for you, you’ll be glad to learn that it’s smothered in cheese.

Alternative brunch places in Boulder:
– Snooze
– Foolish Craig’s

I don’t usually eat breakfast but I like the idea of a late breakfast on weekends. But having a hearty breakfast is important here in Boulder because you’ll be spending the rest of the day…

They get sweaty – preferably outdoors

Sunrise Canyon, Boulder, Colorado
Sunrise Canyon, Boulder, Colorado

One of the things that attract us to Colorado (Boulder in particular) is there’s just so much to do outdoors. Access to climbing routes and hiking trails are literally minutes away. There are bike paths criss crossing the city.

Even when it was snowing outside we saw people riding their bikes (insanity!).

Just to give a random sample at how outdoorsy the city is: Boulder has more climbing gyms than San Francisco, a city 10x the population size.

When the weather was crappy, we went to Boulder’s newest climbing gym: Movement. When the sun was out, we hiked around in one of Boulder’s many Open Space Parks. Then there’s always the Rocky National Park one hour drive away.

Being out and about in the mountains almost always guarantee an awesome day.

What makes a day even more perfect in our eyes?

They end the day in a brewery

Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder, Colorado
Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder, Colorado
What to do in Boulder: Drink - Avery Brewery, Boulder, Colorado
Avery Brewery, Boulder

Sit with a pint of beer (or three) at one of Boulder’s many local breweries and talk about the epic day you just had.

There are 2 breweries in Boulder that come highly recommended by our FB readers: Mountain Sun and Avery. We like them both for their beer selections, but prefer Mountain Sun for its ambiance and food selection.

After a day out hiking or climbing, I feel less guilty gorging myself on pub food (like Mountain Sun’s ginormous nacho) and a beer or five (with such great selections who’s counting?).

They go to bed early (optional)

Have a good night sleep because tomorrow you have a plan to summit one of Colorado’s 14ers.

Boulderites seem to have perfected the art of having an awesome time. The key essentials? Awesome outdoor scene right on your front yard, 300 days of sunshine per year, good food and good beer.

No wonder they look so freaking glowing and happy all the time.

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11 Replies to “The Secrets Behind Boulder's Beautiful People”

  1. I miss Denver and Boulder! lived there for 2 years for college, the 300 days of sun can't be beat. Now I'm back in Oregon and it's rain 300 days of the year….yuck!

  2. Hi Jack and Jill! I read your new post "9 Reasons Why We’d Move to Boulder (and 1 Reason Why We Won’t)" and I wanted to place a comment on it 🙂 Unfortunately, the comments section is closed even though you asked the readers: "Is there a place that you can see yourselves moving to in the future?". I guess you closed it by mistake…

  3. I knew absolutely nothing about Boulder till I read this. It looks like a wonderful place! I'd probably love a tofu scramble with vegetarian sausage and I'd surely love enjoy biking in the snow.

  4. I visited Denver and Boulder in 2009 and I was surprised to find such an exquisite atmosphere. Btw, I think this is one of the regions in US with the highest density of university-educated people.

  5. Damn, I thought I was about to read some kind of scandalous expose about an underground plastic surgery scene in Boulder, or about it being some kind of place where failed models go to live out the rest of their days incognito…

    That photo of brunch looks amazing and is by far the most appealing thing in the post for me….that, and the brewery. OK so I'm not so big on the whole climbing thing, but beer and brunch, I can do. Hello, Boulder.

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