55 Minutes in Izamal: Always Room For One More

Izamal, Mexico

On a whim, I jumped on a bus to Izamal from Valladolid. The promise of a city painted in egg yolk yellow, basking in gold in sunset prompted me on. The only bus to Izamal was leaving in 20 minutes. A sign? I think so.

The guidebook says it’s 1.5 hour ride. On a second class bus from Valladolid, it took me closer to 2.5 hours passing through and stopping at every tiny dot on the map.

Upon getting off, I learned that the last returning bus to Valladolid was 55 minutes away.


I was hoping to do some souvenir shopping in Izamal. Izamal is home to a group of artisans – clearly posted signs direct you to different workshops: papier mache, hammock, jewelry, and more. I was really looking forward to that.

But 55 minutes just about gave me enough time to check out the Monastery at the center of town, which was worth the trip by itself.

monastery san antonio de padua izamal Monastery in Izamal, Yucatan Izamal, Yucatan

I had enough time to make a dash around the plaza, peeking my heads around corners to see rows and rows of yellow painted buildings with white trims.

Izamal proved me wrong. I thought I had enough of colonial towns after South America, but I guess there’s always room in my heart for yet another one. Especially a brightly painted yellow one like this one.


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10 Replies to “55 Minutes in Izamal: Always Room For One More”

  1. wow Izamal!!its so yellow no wonder its nicknamed 'the yellow City"very sad you had 55 minutes to explore,i bet you kept looking at your watch every step.great picures

  2. wow Izamal its so yellow,no wonder its nick named 'the yellow city' how very sad you had 55 minutes,you must have been checking your watch every step and wished you could fly..!great pictures too.

  3. Wow! This looks absolutely amazing. I visited Izamal almost 3 years ago and unfortunately it was not painted at that time 🙁 It became absolutely gorgeous now!

  4. Sucks you only had 55 mins there. I know I would have need way more than that. I hope I make it there one day… just the thought of a yellow town intrigues me so much. Love the shots you were able to get!!! Oh & yes always room for one more colonial town.

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