Mountain Love – Top 5 Photos from Huayhuash Trek

Huaraz, Peru

Stories from the 10-day trek we just did in the Cordillera Huayhuash will follow. Enjoy some of our favorite sceneries taken from Huayhuash Trek, one of the longest, and best treks we’ve ever done.

Panorama from Huayhuash Trek

Panorama from Huayhuah Trek, Peru

Daniello - from Huayhuash Trek

Playing soccer with Daniello

One of our campsite during the trek

Huayhuash Trek, Peru

Little farmer huts seen during the Huayhuash trek

More sceneries

It’s hard to play favorites (raise hand if you notice that there are actually 6 photos 7 photos here), so here’s to see the rest of the pictures:

09-03 Huayhuash Trek


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23 Replies to “Mountain Love – Top 5 Photos from Huayhuash Trek”

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  2. That was incredible photos. I have just found your website via twitter (we are #newlifeonroad on Twitter) and I am looking forward to catching up with your story of how you are travelling. Sounds like you had a good time with your trek and you have a lot of favorite photos! Thanks for sharing….the one with the photo of the boy, gosh his eyes are amazing. It sure looks like it was cold?


  3. Incredible! I really would have loved to do more trekking in Peru aside from the Inca trail, but with at least two more countries to see I had to high-tail it across the border!

    Enjoy Lima – I really liked it (stayed in Barranco, a little more laid back than Miraflores). Try the ceviche at Punta Sol – it's $$ (about 35 soles) but so worth it.

  4. Beautiful landscape photos! I was wondering about the boy — is his skin just dry due to climate or does he have a bit of a rash? I wanted to give him some lotion, poor lil guy!

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