Erta Ale, Ethiopia – Looking Into the Bowel of the Earth

Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

It was like staring at the surface of the sun.

Imagine the scene:
It was 10 o’clock at night. Ten people were walking in the dark across the crater towards a smoking, red-glowing pit. Occasional headlights lighted the path they were on. Or lack of path. Shouts were heard when feet went through the fragile dried lava sheets they were stepping on. Further steps were taken with more caution than before, testing the ground before each step.

Imagine the scene:
Coughing, yells of pain were heard before they barely reached the pit. When the smoke from the pit blew towards the group of people, their eyes watered, their throats itched, and their noses burned.

I had half a mind to turn around at this time. The sting on the eyes was too much, but what kept me going forward was the chorus of wonderment, of “Holy shit!” “Oh my god!” from those who already reached the pit.

I scrambled to follow, fighting the acrid smoke, and what I saw took my breath away. It was like staring at the surface of the sun, it was like the eye of Sauron itself…

The surface of the 60×100 m pool of lava seems to be alive. It was bubbling in spots, the black crust was cracking and sinking in some areas, forming in others. The color where it’s the hottest, this bright yellow so intense that it’s almost white, was mesmerizing.

When the wind was blowing in our direction we would feel the intense heat and the acrid smell of sulfur that forced us to look away from the incredible sight below us.

I love how on the following video you could hear how we were all reduced into cursing – because what else can you do when something this amazing presents itself?

If the video above doesn’t load, see it here: Erta Ale Volcano

I feel inadequate to describe this experience in words, but I remember feeling that it was one of those times I’m reminded how lucky I am to be alive and to be a witness to the spectacle in front of me.

If you make it to Ethiopia, do yourself a favor and pay Erta Ale a homage. You won’t regret it.

I’ve shared the photo album from Erta Ale before, but here it is again:

12-15 Danakil Tour- day2

Practical info on Erta Ale
– It’s the world’s only permanent lava lake and can be found in Danakil Depression located near Ethiopia-Eritrea border.
– It can only be visited on 4×4 jeep. Armed guards and local Afar guides are required because of the nature of the area. Coming here as part of an organized tour to Danakil would be the easiest.
– The tour agency we went to Danakil with was Ethiopia Travel and Tour ( and the cost was $550 for 4-day excursion.
– Bring a torchlight and a scarf.
– The 3 hour hike to the summit of Erta Ale is an easy hike made harder because it’s done in the dark.
– You’ll sleep at the summit in bare huts on mattresses before hiking back down the following morning.

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  1. Holy crap, that's the coolest (or hottest?) thing I have ever seen!!! There's a cave dramatically called the "Chasm of Hell" in Turkey, but I think this lake deserves that name instead!

  2. Wowowow amazing photo! Another reason that Ethiopia is way high up on my travel list. Never even heard of this volcano before, thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

  3. Crazy!! It must've been an incredible experience. I would never expect to see something like this in Ethiopia.

  4. Okay, the cursing was pretty mild compared to what I am sure I would have yelled! Hope that experience made all the bed bugs worth it… πŸ™‚

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