Beautiful Valle de Cocora – A Photo Collection

Salento, Colombia

You might think, ‘Palm trees? I’ve seen enough palm trees to last me my lifetime.’

Well, that’s what we thought too. But Valle de Cocora still managed to impress these palm-tree hardened hearts. The photos don’t do this place justice.

The first time we went to Valle de Cocora, we did the whole 5 hour loop and our camera battery ran out before we got to the trees. The second time around, we had a fresh battery but there was a low lying fog covering the trees and we could not see anything. The universe is kind of funny that way.

Luckily a short wait later, the fog cleared up. Not completely, but enough to give the place an even more surreal appearance.

The wax palms of Valle de Cocora Valle de Cocora
Jack next to a wax palm tree in Valle de CocoraEven more wax palm trees, Valle De Cocora
Valle de Cocora

Hope you enjoy the pictures. For even more pics (the ones with us in them):

05-17 Valle de Cocora

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Related note: We’d like to apologize for the lack of updates, especially on Twitter and FB lately – beautiful sceneries, new friends, slow internet, and the excitement of research on a new country (we’ll be in Ecuador soon!) makes for a very neglected blog.

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33 Replies to “Beautiful Valle de Cocora – A Photo Collection”

  1. These pics are freakin phenomenal guys! WOW! I love the texture of the landscape that is caught in the black and white.

  2. Great angles on your gorgeous black and white photos. I grew up in the tropics, so I'm used to seeing a lot of different palm trees. But why do these look like tall twigs? They seem so skinny that you should almost break them in half. Loving the mist on the tops of the mountains and trees. It must have been quite a sight for the two of you.

  3. Those palm trees are huge! I didn't notice Jack standing there until I read your reply to Dyanne. It really shows off how tall they actually are when you see him there. Great photos. I really like that you posted them in black and white too.

    1. Thanks, David!
      They came out naturally black and white because it was so foggy when we were there – so they just needed a little tweaking. Glad you like them.

  4. Wow, there is truly something special about a palm tree are some of the most special and breathtaking I have ever seen. Awesome pics.

  5. Gorgeous! Haven't seen palm trees pictures taken this way before. So artistic and pretty.. and this is coming from a person who's seen one too many palm trees! πŸ˜›

  6. Wow! I can't believe how many palm trees there are! And how tall they are! I don;t think I've ever seen these kinds. Palm trees always remind me of summer and vacation πŸ™‚ Since I am from Germany, I only ever used to see them when we headed way South…

    1. They're simply called the wax palm tress here and apparently they're the national tree of Colombia. There was one that was on the ground and it was so long. I believe they can reach up to 100m in height.

  7. WOW. Love the desaturation, large resolution and the framing. The angle on the first one is stunning. 2nd photo is not loading for me, but that might just be my connec in mali. You could definitely blow these up and sell them. Imagine one of these blown up huge on a wall in someone's house. Seriously, you need to get on this. So awesome.

  8. Those are truly some straaaaaange looking palm trees! Set amid those hills, seems more like a pine forest gone wrong – indeed, the terrain reminds me a bit of what the area 'round Mount St. Helens here in WA looked like back in the '80's (after the eruption). Most interesting, but question is… so where's the pic of Jack climbing one of them to get a coconut? πŸ˜‰

    1. Lol! If you see on one of the smaller photos he's actually standing next to the tree for comparison purpose, I mean, getting ready to climb it πŸ™‚

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