Salento, Colombia

Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

Being back in the US has given us a chance to catch up with family and friends who inevitable asked us questions about our 6 month trip to South America.

We’d say, “Oh, we started in Colombia then we went south to Ecuador, Peru, and Chile…”

Usually as soon as they hear he word ‘Colombia’, they seem to tune out the rest of what we’re saying. Their eyebrows would lift up and we could see the question forming in their head from a mile away…

“What’s it like traveling in Colombia? Is it dangerous?”

The wax palms of Valle de Cocora

The Wonderful Things We Love About Salento

We stayed in Salento for 10 days, much longer than any other place we went to in Colombia. Salento didn’t really have a cute plaza where you can hang out (unlike Jardín), nor did it have the prettiest houses (that’s Guatapé). But we ended up staying much longer than we expected for other reasons.

Escaping the Time Warp in Jardín

There is something about Jardín that makes you feel like you’ve entered a time capsule and transported back to a non-descript time in the past. A time when people did nothing much other than hanging out on the main plaza and drinking coffee or tea – was there ever such a time?

The wax palms of Valle de Cocora

Beautiful Valle de Cocora – A Photo Collection

You might think, ‘Palm trees? I’ve seen enough palm trees to last me my lifetime.’

Well, that’s what we thought too. But Valle de Cocora still managed to impress these palm-tree hardened hearts. The photos don’t do this place justice.

The Lazy Hikers Guide to Valle de Cocora

it’s unfortunate that there seems to be an implication that unless you have 5 hour to spare, you won’t be able to see the palm trees at all. A couple of people at the hostel didn’t feel like they would be up to such a tough hike and were quite bummed at the fact that they might not be able to see the trees.

But see, it doesn’t have to be that way.