Practical do's and don'ts of planning your W Trek in Torres del Paine, Patagonia.

Practical Tips on How to Plan Your W Trek (Torres del Paine)

First, I want to get this out of the way: planning W Trek Torres del Paine in high season was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever undertaken. Dealing with various campground companies, their broken online reservation systems, and the dozens of unanswered emails caused moments where I just wanted to say “F*** this, …

Summer Recap and Upcoming Birthday Trip 2017

I’m exhausted. This has been one busy summer. I’m not complaining, oh no. Quite the opposite, I feel… accomplished. There were cooking over campfires, swimming in lakes, travels to new countries, and conversations with friends and families. Things that great summers are made of. This year we broke from the tradition of staying in the …

Things to do in Miami beside going to the beach.

Beyond the Beach: Offbeat Miami Attractions

South Beach is all about the glams and the blings. South Beach is where excesses are flaunted and skins are shown. In theory I should feel more at home in low key (har har) Key West, but in reality I fell in love with South Beach vibe the moment I stepped out of my cab in front of my hostel.

Into the Winds, Freemont Peak

Wyoming’s Wind River Range is one of my favorite discoveries during our year-long climbing road trip. I can spend a whole summer here. I can keep coming back year after year. Our destination on this trip is Freemont Peak.