The Restaurant With An Identity Crisis

“Hold up a sec!”, I stopped Jack on his track.

“This restaurant was not here before!”

See, we would know. We love Indian food, and because we’ve walked down this street so many times before I would’ve spotted this Indian restaurant just around the corner from our hostel in Cartagena.

My Solo Traveling Moments in Cartagena

I love getting up early in a new place to wander around and take pictures. My early morning walks is my chance to go as slow as I want and make as many photo stops as I want, it’s a taste of selfishness that’s a privilege to solo travelers out there

View from Hotel Marlin, Cartagena

Celebrating Small Victories in Cartagena

After a small glitch in the plan, we’ve finally arrived in beautiful Cartagena in the late afternoon. Not without some small apprehensions.

See, Jack and I don’t speak much Spanish. We each took a semester of Spanish in college – so we get the general gist of how the language works and know how to craft rudimentary sentences. Only in present tense of course.