Racing Exotic Cars in Vegas

While we were in Vegas, we had the opportunity to drive some really, really expensive cars. Not just drive, mind you. We were allowed to race them at Exotic Racing’s private racetrack.

While Jack could barely contain his glee, I was understandably nervous about this. Visions of a scratch or a dent on these 300k cars were making me sweat. We don’t own a car so we don’t even drive on a daily basis. And I’m pretty sure that a certain stereotype about Asian women and driving is based on me.

But they convinced me that everything was going to be fine. And more importantly, that it was going to be fun.

The track at Exotic Racing
The track at Exotic Racing

After a brief driving instructions: how to take corners, what’s not allowed to do on the track, what’s allowed to do, and what not we got into a Porche Cayenne in groups of 4 to get to know the track up close. Afterwards, we met with our personal driving instructions and were directed to our cars.

You’re allowed to choose from an array of exotic cars. Jack got himself a Ferrari Scuderia while I found myself behind the wheels of Lamborghini Superleggera.

Jack in his Ferrari Scuderia
Jack in his Ferrari Scuderia
The stats of Lamborghini Superleggera
Even though it’s an All Wheel Drive, I doubt anyone would take this car up on a dirt road.

When I managed to get the car out of its parking spot without hitting anything, I felt like letting out a ‘whoop!’ But there was no time for celebrating. My instructor told me to hit the gas to join the other cars on the track. ‘Faster! Hit it!’, he kept repeating.

Each time I thought we were going fast enough, he’d yell ‘Go faster!’

The corners are the tricky parts. I slowed down when we get to the orange cones in the corner, pointed the car to the first green cone, the 2nd green cone, and hit the gas again as I release the steering wheel post-turn.

That was the key part of the instruction: how to take turns without losing speed.

I felt like I was going fast but I must not have been the slowest car on the track because other cars kept passing me. What the heck?

On subsequent laps I started to relax and to have fun. I got faster and faster after each lap. I started to feel how smooth the Lamborghini handles the turns and how eager it was to go even faster. After particularly smooth executions of a turn, I’d have a huge grin on my face. This is fun!

Ooooweeeee!! I’m unstoppable!! Adrenaline was pumping and I wanted to keep on going.

But 5 laps were quickly over and my instructor signaled to pull over to the pit.


Jack in front of a Ferrari Scuderia
Jack in front of a Ferrari Scuderia

Afterwards on Jack bragged about he was going so fast he was passing other cars. I wanted to point out that since he’s obviously the better driver then he should be doing all of the driving on our future road trips.

But I didn’t really care. Even though I might’ve been the slowest on track I was still flushed with excitement for having driven faster than ever (and for not having crashed the Lamborghini).

Some of the cool cars at Exotic Racing
Some of the cool cars at Exotic Racing

This whole experience changed my opinion about this whole… car thing: I get it now. The whole fascination with these cars: why people buy them, why they like driving them, why their ads often include gorgeous female models.

Driving these cars felt sexy. I can see the appeal of owning these cars.

But until I had 300k lying around to spend on these cars, I can only relive the experience.

Looking for non-gambling activities in Vegas?

Jack and I tire easily of the gambling scene in Las Vegas. We go to Vegas mainly for the shows, for the desert scene, and for the climbing. Now we have another reason to go back to Vegas.

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There aren’t a lot of places where you can race exotic sports cars on a real racetrack. So when visiting Las Vegas and you’re tired of the casino scene, consider getting behind these exotic beasts and give them a whirl.

It might end up being the highlight of your Vegas trip too.

Thanks to Exotic Racing and Presidential Limos for providing us with this experience. Thoughts, opinions, and bad puns are all our own.

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  1. Even though I haven’t driven these cars I very much know the amount of adrenaline this involves. I have driven cars that go up to maybe 120 to 150 miles an hour and I get the feeling that it’s not enough.

  2. What a great business idea πŸ™‚ I'm sure that many would like to try these cars… at least once in their life! The majority can't afford them, and many of those who could afford them have other priorities in life than owning ridiculously expensive cars πŸ™‚

    1. So true. I heard that many Aussies come to visit Exotic Racing here in Vegas because these cars are even more expensive over there.

  3. Wow that sounds like soooo much fun. I know my boyfriend would love to do this one day. Unfortunately it's not really for people on a budget:/

    1. They have an option where for $99 you get to be in a Corvette driven by a professional drifter. He was crazy good! It was like being in a roller coaster.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun! I'd rather be doing this than joining the crowds at the poker table. At least I'll get to be away from the smokes. I just came back from a bachelorette party in Vegas a few weeks ago and didn't enjoy the casinos much at all.

  5. Greetings from the North. I've been following your (mis)adventures for a while and enjoy reading your stories. Finally Jack was able to follow in the footsteps of his idol -Ricky James Bobby from Talladega Nights πŸ™‚

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