7 Reasons to Travel With Your Significant Other

Before I met Jack, I used to travel by myself a lot. Even though there are certain aspects of solo traveling that I miss (such as how much easier it is to meet other people), traveling as a couple also has its benefits.

And no, not only because it means I won’t ever have to eat alone (which I don’t mind), or going to movies alone (which I sometime prefer), but because of other things that can only be found by traveling with a life-long partner or a friend.

A travel buddy -- by Johnath

1. “You had to be there” — instant sharing buddy

Have you ever seen something so breathtaking amazing it literally… well, takes your breath away? And you look around you to find someone that you can share it with, “Did you see that?” “Wasn’t that amazing?” and then you see your partner just as excited as you are, and suddenly the moment just seems so much better because you get to share it with somebody.

2. Safety in Numbers

There are some things that’s not advisable to do alone such as hitchhiking or going out after dark in unknown areas. Things that I did out of naivete when I was younger… but with Jack, well, we probably still won’t do those things. But if we have to, there is some comfort in knowing we’ll be able to watch each others back (and have an extra pair of hands and feet to fight with if it ever comes to that).

But more commonly, it’s just nice having someone you can trust to watch your belongings while you go to the bathroom, or while you take a nap on a long-haul train ride. Or if your toilet is missing 2 walls and a door, you have someone to stand there to ‘block the view’.

3. You get to venture outside your comfort zone

When traveling solo you have the luxury of going wherever you want, and doing whatever you want. Which is great. Traveling with your significant other means every now and then you get dragged to places you’re not interested in or to do things you know very little about (– You’re going spelunking? What’s that? ). With someone you just met, it’s easy to go “Eh, I’ll pass”.

But boy, it’s so, so much harder to say no to someone you know you have to hang around with for a long time in the future. Or more often that not, you simply have no say in the matter. ( — What? We’re going spelunking now? And you already paid for it? )

But you might learn that you actually enjoy these things.

4. Two for One — It’s Just Cheaper

There are certain things that are just simply cheaper when you’re traveling as a group, even it’s a group of two; things like cab rides, or rental cars.

Splitting a private room
in a hostel might end up costing the same as 2 dorm beds. And if you’re traveling with your significant other, sharing a much smaller bed is always an option to save cost even further.

I also notice that when I was traveling by myself I ended up throwing a lot of food away; with the two of us we can split entrees at restaurants, a loaf of bread and cheese, and reduce food cost in general.

5. Through thick and thin

The social scene at backpackers hostels tend to be lively and friendly and all out fun. It’s easy to make friends and to meet new people. Until you get sick.

When you get sick or come across some personal problems or just simply too exhausted from all the ordeals involved in traveling… it’s nice having somebody who’ll bring you hot soup and stay with you to watch TV all day in the hostel while the others are out and having fun; or listen to you bitch and moan about random things; you know… someone who’ll stick with you in good times and in bad times.

6. 2 Heads Are Better Than One

Extended travels can be quite a logistic challenge that require constant research and split decision making. It’s awfully nice not to have to deal with this potentially-unpleasant aspect of traveling by yourself. However much I like to plan, there is such a thing as planning burn out.

During the times when you don’t think think you can look at another train timetable without throwing up, it’s nice to know that you can pass on that job to someone else; to share the burden of making decisions, to bounce ideas around, and feel safe that even if things go to hell from lack of planning or research, there will be someone there to blame share the consequences.

What is it they say? Misery loves company…

7. Reliving the memory when you’re old and gray

Some experiences are truly once in a lifetime. Sharing them with other travelers you meet on the road is all fun and good… but to have shared them with your life long friend or partner is a different thing. Jack and I always have a lot of fun looking through old pictures and talking about past travels. We remind each other of certain things that the other has forgotten — and it’s amazing how easily we forget things.

Sometimes the best memories are not necessarily created from being in the best places in the world, but from the little things that happen between yourself and people that you care about on the way to see the best places in the world.

Having said all that, traveling as a couple is not without its own set of challenges. Here are some tips about how to handle your relationship while on the road:

10 Tips For Travelling As A Couple (part 1 of 2)
10 Tips For Traveling As A Couple (part 2 of 2)

What is the most important benefit in traveling as group for YOU?


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29 Replies to “7 Reasons to Travel With Your Significant Other”

  1. Great post, some of the points made are so true! The one about leaving your comfort zone is spot on. We travelled Asia together for a few months and some of that was definitely uncomfortable.

    We put together a list of awesome gifs that we experienced and what other couples can get ready for before they take the plunge.

    Great post and wish I had read it before we went travelling 😉

  2. So agree with this! My husband and I travel together constantly and we can totally relate to everything – especially ‘the instant sharing buddy’ and ‘being able to block the view when you ‘have to go’!! 🙂

  3. I agree! I love traveling with Bob… mainly I love having a different perspective and really enjoy experiencing places with another person. And the part about price is so true! Absolutely cheaper (and many times nicer) to share a room with your partner!

  4. I love traveling with my other half as well. Mainly because I can be myself. Plus if we can not agree on something then we go our separate ways and meet up later in the day. Everything just slots into place when traveling with him.

  5. I love this and agree with all the points. We just love traveling together. I so agree with having someone to take care of you when your sick. It is the greatest thing to just cuddle or have someone you love rub your back while you are not feeling well. Neither of us travelled solo before because we met at such a young age, but we wouldn't have it any other way. While I admire the solo travelers out there, we love traveling with each other and happy to hear that you love it too!

  6. awww what i lovely post to read – even if i am a day late…

    i'm the same as you jill – mostly i've travelled solo but on this trip i'm with my other half and i can certainly vouch for #1-6 … as for #7, well we've got that to look forward to 🙂

  7. Awww! I can feel the love. One of my favorite things is going places you wouldn't otherwise. I am definitely the worrier of the pair, often saying things like "well, that's not safe, no I don't want to do that". My boyfriend drags me along, and I end up loving the experience. Definitely the most rewarding thing about traveling with a partner.

  8. This is really a great list that covers all the bases. I personally think the best part of traveling with a partner is that you can give each other a foot rub after a long day of walking. 😉 But #4 is spot on — things can be so much cheaper w/ two, particularly accomodations. When we backpacked in Europe, we only stayed at a hostel once because we continuously found that hotels or rooms we found on craigslist were cheaper than paying for two hostel beds. Go figure!

  9. This is a sweet post! And I agree with all of the points there, especially the part about getting sick and having someone to look after you. It just makes the healing process all the more faster! 🙂 Happy Valentine's day to you Jack and Jill! 🙂

  10. This is so nice. Of course traveling as a couple is wonderful, I always travel solo, but should I have a partner, I know it would be much better 🙂

    1. Hah, yeah each has its pros and cons 🙂 Even when we travel together, sometimes we do our own activities on the road. You do get sick of each other after awhile 🙂

  11. Great list of honest (and unbiased) pluses for traveling as a duo. As a 30+ year self-avowed solo "TravelnLass" (seriously, the pluses of solo are likewise many), this is the first to make me honestly question/lament what I might be missing.

    Still… I'm sure you'll agree that it takes quite a special partner to match/blend with the unique life of a serious wanderlust. And alas – unless/until I happen to bump into such a diamond-in-the-rough (or even an opal! ), I still believe that solo ROCKS! And more importantly – don't let solo stop you from exploring the world. After all, this ain't a dress rehearsal folks – just DO IT! Solo or duo, with kidlets or nay – you'll never regret a single MOMENT!

    1. Hi Dyanne, thanks for coming by! I totally agree with you that whether you're a solo, couple, trio, kids, no kids – traveler, it shouldn't stop anyone from fulfilling their wanderlust. I think it's really neat that you decide to spend your retirement teaching EFL in SEA. You're going to have such an adventurous post-retirement life! Very exciting.

  12. I love it. I would also add that when you travel with your significant other it strengthens your bond. You get to see that person in new situations and watch them react to good and bad things in ways you never would have had you stayed at home on the couch. You learn about that person at a deeper level. Awesome!

  13. My husband is my favorite travel partner. Not only because we basically do whatever I want when we travel, but there's no one else in the world I want to share the experience with.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Sheila! I'd like to think that the fact that Jack is still willing to tag along with me despite all of my whining and lack of organization proves that I'm his favorite traveling partner too 🙂

  14. All great reasons to travel with your partner! I used to travel solo too before I met my boyfriend. In fact, I was traveling by myself when I did meet him in India! I hope you two have many "you've got to be there" moments together!

  15. I've never done solo travel, and am always in awe of people who do. I have a very important number 8 to add to your list…a significant other can save you from bug scary bugs…!

    1. Oh gawd, you're absolute right! I can save Jack from his certain bug phobia (I can't tell what it is, he'll never forgive me) and he can save me from mine (caterpillars and other crawlies — eeew).

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