We Can Already Smell the Adventures

We’re 4 days away from arriving in Colombia and we started feeling the pre-trip jitters. The kinds where excitement is mixed with an impending sense of doom misadventures to come.


Resourceful. Adaptable. Resilient. Nobody has ever used those words to describe us. Whiney is more like it. And oh, completely unprepared is another one.

Having said all that – I don’t want to toot our horns too much here – one thing we can say about ourselves: we sure know how to entertain ourselves.

Jack is a master at it actually

Give him two hunks of rock and he’d spend a good number of hours playing ‘rock wars’. This is when he’d lift one rock up high above his head and smash it against the other. The loser is the one that gets obliterated first.

But nothing illustrates our ability to entertain ourselves better than when were in Lovina, Bali.

Romancing the Queen in Lovina, Bali

Most people, including us, came to Lovina to go check out the local pod of dolphin that hangs out by the shore. But after reading accounts of those who’ve gone on this so called tours, we decided that chasing around dolphins in the wee morning hours with dozens of other boats doesn’t sound like fun.

I have a feeling it doesn’t sound anymore fun for the dolphins either.

Unfortunately, other than whoring its local dolphin population out to tourists, Lovina doesn’t seem to have much else to offer and we were left with a prospect of a whole day of doing nothing.

Fortunately, our hotel has a lawn chess set up in its backyard and we ended up playing a live-action chess, much to the amusement of that woman in red watching us (actually I don’t think she was amused at all – she didn’t crack a smile).

Jack riding the chess horse
Front and center, horse!!

No mercy to the enemy!
For you, my queen, I'll conquer the world!
For you, my queen, I'll do anything

So yes, we are easily entertained. But would it be enough for rainy South America?

Do you know that we’re going to be in South America in the middle of its rainy season? Neither did we.. not until months after we bought our tickets to Colombia.

Hikes in Colombia’s Valle de Cocora? Most likely out. A day of sight-seeing in Medellin, Colombia? Better pack some heavy duty rain gear. Patagonia? We’ll get there dab smack in the middle of winter.

So there’s this fear that we’ll be spending the first part of our RTW trip cooped up inside hiding from the weather with only each other for entertainment.

There’s this anxiety that with the rain, our minimal Spanish, and us arriving in the middle of Semana Santa (oh yeah, there’s that too) we’ll be heading straight into one misadventure after another.

But I look at the above pictures of Jack and I can’t help but laugh

We’re going to be fine.

Somehow we’ll find a way to laugh at our misadventures, like we always have. During the time of tears and frustration we’ll just have to remember that with enough time, they often make for the best memories.

It’s a rush

Right now there’s this heady giddiness bubbling underneath both of us that drowns out the fear and the anxiety. Heading somewhat blindly into the unknowns with the feeling that things could either go very well or go all very wrong is a rush.

This is why we do it. We do it for the rush.

We’re 4 days away from an experience of a lifetime and we can already smell the (mis)adventures.

Can you smell them too?


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43 Replies to “We Can Already Smell the Adventures”

  1. You guys crack me up! Have faith the travel will gods will make sure you have nice long days under the sun in South America =)

  2. That's awesome. Being able to entertain yourselves is a huge skill. Clearly you indulged in your imaginations liberally growing up. I worry sometimes about kids growing up today. Their games aren't as imagination-based as they were when I was growing up. Would they be able to entertain themselves without an electronic device? Yeah, you guys will be fine.

  3. We hope so too. We keep thinking that even within the Bay Area, the weather can be so different from one city to the one a mere 40 minutes away. With such a huge geographical area, I'm sure that we'll be able to find spots that's affected less by the seasons.

  4. You guys are hilarious! I love your confession 🙂 And the photos are incredibly professional looking. Perhaps Jill is a photographer? I don't know you very well yet, so I really don't know!

  5. Looks like I found your site just at the right time!! Congrats on your upcoming RTW trip!! We came back from Colombia last year, it's an amazing country. Looking forward to following your adventures!

  6. Don't worry about the rain, you'll still enjoy yourself! We started our RTW trip in NZ in the winter, and it rained every day! Kinda annoying when you're sleeping in a campervan, but we still had a great time. Enjoy Colombia! PS- How will you go directly from Bali to Colombia? That must be a pricey ticket.

  7. I'm so entertained with the photos of Jack with the chess set 😀
    Colombia… then we won't meet each other for a while. We are in Central America. Costa Rica right now, then Panama, then we will sail to Europe/Africa. Definitely I would love to meet up with you guys one day!

    Bon Voyage to both of you! 2 years ago, at the 15th of April, we left Canada for our around the world traveling. Looks like you guys are much more organized than us. We didn't have a travel blog back then. We barely finished closing down our apartment. We packed our backpack just a few hours before we left. We didn't sleep for 36 hours straight. Oh, what a fun memory 🙂 I'm excited for you, guys!!

    1. You packed just a couple of hours before? Crazy. Would def love to meet up, I have a feeling we just might sooner than later 🙂

  8. Your chess game reminds me of the one Ron played in the first Harry Potter book! (or was it the second book? I can't remember.)

    To the death! I'm sure you and Jack will find all kinds of silly ways to entertain yourselves. 🙂 And ZOMG FOUR DAYS!!!

    1. Lol, yes I remember that part in the book (it has been awhile, I can't remember which book it's in either) — I think chess should all be played live-action style. Definitely makes it more of a spectator sport.

  9. I am so PUMPED for you guys. It will be an amazing experience with or without the rain. I know a thing or two about rain (thanks Portland) and you can do everything you'd do otherwise, just get a good, strudy raincoat and head out into the world.

  10. Oh you should go out in the rain! There are lots of adventures to be had in the middle of the rainy season. Just steer clear of floods and landslides and you'll be golden. Plus you won't have to worry about too many other tourists getting in your way. I look forward to reading about your experiences!

    1. Take note: steer clear of floods and landslides. Check 🙂
      You're absolutely right about one benefit of being there in the low season: fewer other tourists and hopefully that means cheaper prices for some stuff. Yay. Thanks for coming by, Erin.

  11. Just look at it this way, haha – every time we have a misadventure we get a really juicy blog post out of it. Writing has really helped as an outlet since we don't love icky weather either (nobody does) =)

  12. how exciting!! countdown to adventure.
    the chess game looks really fun actually. 🙂 you never know what you might find to do when you aren't really looking.

  13. The chess photos are great! Don't worry about the rain, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. There are lots of adventures waiting for you and due to the rain you will probably enjoy adventures you never heard of! Great fun. . . have a great time in Columbia.

    1. "due to the rain you will probably enjoy adventures you never heard of" <– I love your optimism. You're absolutely, right. Thanks!

  14. I really liked Patagonia in winter… less people, and even in July I could do some of the hikes at El Chalten. Transport can be more difficult, but if you get to Ushuaia, everything seems to carry on as normal there.

    1. That's very good to hear — we have heard that transportation can be tricky but good to know the area is still accessible even in the middle of the winter.

    1. Well, well, well… it seems that we might have an opportunity to meet up after all. We're flying to Cartagena on Monday 🙂 I'll DM you.

  15. The picture of Jack and the Queen is a little on the creepy side. Four days – ridiculous!!! We are thrilled for both of you! What time does your plane leave California time? We will try to 'cheers' for you as you take off!

    1. Yup, that's just how he rolls 🙂 Our flight leaves at night (it's a red-eye) so hopefully we'll be able to get some sleep on the plane.

  16. We were in Colombia for rainy season – didn't really miss out on too much (did the Valle de Cocura!), but yes, there were days that there was nothing better to do then just sit inside. You'll be fine and not miss out on anything as long as you can be flexible with a day here or there.

    And at least you know ahead of time it is Semana Santa! We didn't! We lucked out with rooms, so I am sure you will be fine too!

    The last minute jitters are settling in! Not much longer now… 🙂

    1. Lol… your stories about being cooped up in the rain traumatize me. Especially when I realised that, 'Er, they were there when we're planning to be there too!' But I'm sure we'll be fine. That's the great thing about not having a fixed itinerary, ya? We can be flexible when the weather doesn't cooperate.

  17. I loved the chess photos.
    Don't worry about the rain, there are bound to be nice days (or hours) 🙂
    If you make it to the North of Chile you won't find any rain at all. It was the driest desert in the world (some parts with no recorded rain in the last 400 or so years) so this time of year is probably a good time to be there as any.

  18. So excited and jealous for the two of you. Don't worry about being prepared, you begin to realize the easiest thing to do is just show up without expectations and figure things out from there.

  19. Well, maybe you could have done more research, haha…but some of the best times I've had traveling have been when things go completely wrong! Some of the funniest as well. You guys look like you can always have a great time 🙂 Sending lots of luck! Maybe you will catch a few nice days!

  20. Yes you both are going to be fine. Even though its rainy season you will find a way to stay entertained you will find a million things to do.

    PS Love the pics…freaking hilarious. Reminds me I need to take som more goofy pictures.

  21. Wow, only 4 days! Squeeeee! I'm so excited for you both 😀

    And I ADORE those photos of Jack playing chess hahaha, hilarious!

    I've had some of the best times when it's been rainy and miserable weather. It is what you make it, and you both seem like you're positive people and will have fun no matter what!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Lauren. Appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the photos. We have tons more of Jack doing goofy stuff and I"m sure we'll be taking even more once the trip starts.

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