Vegas: Taking a break from planning

At every intersection on the Vegas strip, Jack’s stepmom would turn around to look for us and count, ‘1, 2, 3… 8. Phew! Everyone is still here. Let’s keep walking, ducklings.’

I’m not sure who started it, but soon we started to refer to each other as ‘Mother Duck’ and ‘ducklings’ — and considering how she fusses over us and how most of the time all 8 of us were blindly following her wherever she goes, I thought it was appropriate.

Mother duck and her ducklings -- Ann Douglas

Part of the reason why I was looking forward to this family Vegas getaway is because for once, somebody else is doing the planning and the organizing. For once, somebody else is doing the balancing act of making sure everyone else is having fun while without forgetting to enjoy the trip yourself.

If you’ve ever been in charge of organizing a trip, you know how hard the last part can be.

This time, instead of researching and making hotel and flight reservations I waited patiently until instructions come via email and text messages:

I can tell you now, it’s a nice feeling to have somebody else in charge for a change.

Our time in Vegas has been a nice break from all of the trip planning we’ve been doing. I enjoy not having to plan our day and knowing that most of the time all I have to do is keep sight of Mother Duck. When she stops, we stop. When she goes into a restaurant, we go into the restaurant. When she said she’d be most likely spending the day by the pool — we decide that lounging by the pool sounds like a mighty a good idea.

Most of the time we actually quite enjoy the planning process and we definitely prefer the freedom of independent travels: going wherever we want to go without the need for making compromises. But after months and months of planning our around the world trip: reading guidebooks and forums, doing online research, and making phone calls — I need this break from planning.

Tell me what to do and where to go. Tell me what time I need to be at a place, spoon feed me information about a place, and hand me my admission tickets. Let me gawk at the sights and wait for me while I lag behind to take pictures.

Because in 2 weeks, we’ll be traveling the world on our own and we won’t have the luxury of being ducklings anymore. There will be no hotel reservation magically appear under our names. There will no emails in our inbox containing instructions how to get to the airport or text messages to tell us the plan for dinner and where to meet.

But that’s in the future.

For now, I’m going to let somebody else worrying about the where, the when, and the how and enjoy being a duckling.

Tell us

Doesn’t it feel nice not to be in charge of making decisions once in awhile?

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8 Replies to “Vegas: Taking a break from planning”

  1. Reminds me of traveling with my parents to Las Vegas. Some how my mom completely transforms on the road. She walks twice as fast, stops for nothing (except shopping) leading us from restaurant to show to monorail and back again, all at breakneck speeds. The sheer amount of things she can cram into a three night stay is amazing.

  2. I am totally happy following along when someone else makes decisions. I find it completely relaxing and, knowing what it's like to plan, I'm always agreeable to whatever is decided on. Cheers!

  3. Believe me, eventually you will just stop planning. It was driving me crazy too. Seems crazy that you only have two weeks left.

    I love the little duckies photo.

  4. @christy: Ha – that's true. It all depends on the other people in the group. We're lucky that the people in this group are pretty laid back. It also helps that it's only a short trip 🙂

    @dyanne: Exhilirating: for sure. But I find it tiring to continually try to make the 'right' decision (and second guess myself) — when that happens, we do like you said – go on a 2-3 day tour as a small group and find relief in not having to make any decisions for a change.

  5. I can be so nice to have someone else plan for a change!

    But…. I'll admit that I don't travel super well with others; it can be awkward negotiating what everyone wants to see, how much time everyone wants to spend at each thing, etc etc. Kali and I have such similar tastes that we've never really had an issue, but family trips can get old quickly. 😛

  6. Yes and no. Yes it often seems like it would indeed be a most blessed relief. But then again, swiftly… NOPE! It's precisely all those bazillion decisions along the trail that make travel so very EXHILARATING, yes? Day after surprise-filled day your mettle is constantly tested. And it ever so satisfying when you manage to (somehow) work it all out.

    I mean, would you really want somebody to perpetually lead you around day after day? Besides, I think that's what tour guides are for. If you ever feel like chilling out in the decision department, just sign up for a little 3 day tour, no?

  7. I hear you Jill. Ask Jack's stepmom if she wants to be our Chief Decision Maker to make some choices for us 😉 It is nice when others can plan a little trip and you just roll with it. Dalene does most the planning for us, but I think she gets reprieve when I take it on at times.

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