Working For The Gov't, Going Home, and The Next 2 Months (Nov-Dec)

I thought an update about our trip is overdue…

Job Situation — The Joy of Working for the Gov’t

-- Up and Down -- by Visentico/Sento

Early October:
It’s as volatile as a Mexican jumping bean. But I’m used to it now. My project was initially scheduled to end in October. I was somewhat resigned to the fact that I’d be unemployed again at the end of the year.

Moodmeter: 🙁

2 weeks later:
Well, 2 weeks before my supposed-last day, we had a meeting with a different group about starting a new project and everyone came out of it with high expectation. “Yay, we won’t have to be looking for a new job during the holiday!”

Moodmeter: 🙂

One week after:
So, everyone was excited with the new project and I’ve started sketching out what needed to be done and all that good stuff… Only to hear, 1 week before the new project supposed to start, that the funding fell through and that

“We’re scheduling your exit interview on Friday, your last day.”

Moodmeter: 🙁

3 days later:
On Wednesday, 2 days before again-my-supposed-last day, I was told that they found a different source of funding and that they’ll be able to keep everyone employed…

but only until January, and only if everyone takes 3 weeks of (unpaid) vacation.

Moodmeter: cautiously 😐

Oh, government… you keep my life exciting, that’s for sure.
On the plus side, I have this 3 week off coming up. Where to go?


Bromo 2006 -- Jack and Jill Collection

It’s long overdue. I’m really excited to be back in Indonesia after 2 years. My parents always plan a trip for the whole family whenever Jack and I come and visit. I’m not sure what they’re cooking up for us this time but I’m trying to convince them to go to Bunaken National Marine Park in Sulawesi this year. It’s a world-class diving and snorkeling destination and is one of Indonesia’s first established marine parks.

Regardless, be on the lookout for posts coming from the other side of the world about whatever we end up doing in Indonesia: either chilling in one of Jakarta’s many mega shopping malls, checking out Borobudur, or diving in Bunaken and about the inevitable gastronomy extravaganza.

About the Round The World Trip

We’re reviewing financial and job situations and will have a much clearer idea at the end of November. I have to admit that the past month or so I’ve been slacking off researching itinerary. On top of the blog, work, and climbing, dealing with note taking and spreadsheet has not sounded like fun.

I’m also having problem keeping the itinerary manageable. I keep flip flopping between wanting to stay in one place long enough to learn about the place, and wanting to squeeze in a wee cross-border trip here and there. One year is too short and the world is too big.

One of these days we will have to face the fact that the itinerary list is growing way too fast and too long and somehow deal with it, but not today…

Today, we’re optimistic that we can somehow make it work 🙂


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  1. For what it is worth, my only advice on the whole itinerary planning: Don't plan that much, don't worry about being a little vague…and remembr you can always extend your trip if you aren't spending as much on a daily basis. You guys are budgeting about $130 per day, which I think is plenty. We are thinking $100 should be sufficient…anyways, good luck!!

    1. I know huh… but it's so hard not to stress out about planning, especially border crossing. I've had terrible experiences with visas, immigration, and border crossings in the past and I'm almost obsessed with making sure that I learn as much as possible about paperworks required, the easiest city to get a particular visa from, etc, etc…

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