Morraine Lake, You Are The Fairest of All, A Photosphere

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

The first time I saw Morraine Lake I thought it was the prettiest lake I’d ever seen. Years have gone past and I’d seen even more lakes since then but I think that Morraine lake is the prettiest still. You just can’t beat the color and the setting. This lake in Banff National Park gets a lot of visitors (one of them stole my iPhone!) but 20 mins along the trail (any trail) the crowd thins out significantly.

Note: With photosphere you can zoom in and pan around with your mouse. Give it a try!

[photosphere width=800 height=670][/photosphere]


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  1. I worked at the Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta one summer, and Morraine Lake was one of my favourite places in the area. Simply gorgeous. Cool effect – I love being able to pan around!

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