The price of a commitment — $458.60

So, we just bought our one-way ticket to Colombia.

Maybe it was because I was upset with Spirit Airline’s a la cart model (let’s just hope that the price at least includes oxygen and a pilot)

Or, maybe it just simply hasn’t sunk in, yet.

But, after all the talking, the planning, and the researching, it felt slightly anti-climatic.

Our conversation afterward:
Jill: ‘Can’t believe we just bought our first RTW tickets…’
Jack: ‘Where are we going again? Carto-where?’ :p

Anyway, so it’s official. We’re leaving for Colombia in April. I guess we’d better brush up on our Spanish, then.


Jack with his sparklers -- Jack and Jill Collection

Ok, maybe it’s sinking in….


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39 Replies to “The price of a commitment — $458.60”

  1. I googled 'budget airline south america' and checked every single airline. Spirit requires us to depart from Los Angeles (as opposed to San Francisco), but since we have families living close to LA it sorta works out.

  2. Congratulation, guys! We are currently back in Ryan's hometown for having holiday season with family, and have not yet decided where on earth we are going next. The front runners are Central America and Caribbean.

  3. Congratulations guys! I've always loved that moment where you press "Buy" and then sit back for a moment with a "am I really doing this?" look on your face.

  4. Seriously??? Wow – can I ask…where did you track that flight down….nice work!!! Awesome!

  5. Cartagena yay! What a pretty city to live in. I will warn you that the Spanish there is MESSED UP so don't be worried if you are confused, because it's on the Caribbean they have this weird mix that no one understands.

    So excited for you, maybe we'll meet up after all!

    1. Lol, we've been warned pretty much of the same thing about the accent there. We should definitely try to have a tweet up somehwere in SA!

  6. I just love feeling like I am stealing from the airlines! I just bought a R/T ticket to Madrid from DC for $372 and felt like I had to look around to make sure nobody was watching as I bought it. Ha. $458.60 is an awesome price on a ticket for 2 people. Granted, the price of commitment is significantly more, but you will earn back that money 20 fold through the adventures of your trip.

  7. We had the exact same feeling when we bought our ticket…. oh right cool sure! I was expecting some big band to celebrate the momentous occasion!
    Look forward to following your adventure 🙂

    1. Big band, or fireworks, or something — but the feeling was quite the opposite, 'Crap, now we've actually gotta do all the things we said we'd do… like quitting our jobs!'

  8. Hey! So excited for you two! Congrats on getting your PR card and your tickets! The hubby and I just bought our one-way tickets to Australia, leaving in April as well. Looking forward to keeping up with your planning and travels 🙂

  9. Hey! Exciting thing! Congrats! Can't wait to see Colombia.. South America is always my wildest dream.
    Will tune in here 🙂

    1. Thanks! Us too… I think it's finally sinking in, especially the part about the gazillion of things still yet to be done. Aargh!

  10. I recently bought a one way ticket to SE Asia. I have never booked anything but return plane tickets before – it is an amazingly liberating feeling to know you are leaving and going to travel with no definitive plans as to when you will be back at home – if ever!

    I look forward to following your adventures 🙂

  11. Oh I know the feeling all too well. I just made my purchase and am now going through the "oh shit it is happening" phase. Congrats on the purchase. Its going to be a great 2011 for all of us.

  12. Congrats you two, but what happened to China? You know you are going the wrong way, right?? 🙂

    Just curious…it was $458/person, right?

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