Jack, Scotland, and I – A Love Affair

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Due to the limited time we had in Scotland, we decided to go on an organized tour to explore the Isle of Skye and beyond.

We realise that going on an organized tour, your tour-guide can make or break the trip. Well, we lucked out and ended up with a tour guide (from Wild About Scotland) that made our time in Scotland so memorable.

Our guide, Ian, was an amazing story teller. His love for Scotland just oozes out of his very being and we couldn’t help being affected by it.

Maybe that’s why we ended up being in love with Scotland as well?

There has to be something totally wonderful about this country to make somebody loves it so much.

Don’t you think?

We took this video of him telling us the story of the guy whose statue is right behind him.

This was taken with our audio-less, crappy camera at the time but just watch the video and see how enthusiastic of a story teller he is.

P.S: If you know whose statue that is, let us know in the comment section below. Would love to learn his story all over again.

Scotland was one country that Jack and I agree we’ll just have to explore further.

The history, the culture, and the fact that every glen, every lake, and every hill seems to have a story behind it — oh, the wonderful stories — is something that makes Scotland so dear in our hearts.

And of course, sceneries like these do not help this hopeless love affair…

Pretty Scotland

Scotland apparently-rare blue sky

Dear Scotland, our love affair will have to continue.

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Have you ever been to a place that you instantly felt a connection with?


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21 Replies to “Jack, Scotland, and I – A Love Affair”

  1. Sorry this is more than a wee bit late… But Ian's (obviously!) telling of how king Robert The Bruce defeated Guy De Bohun in a (pre battle of Bannockburn) individual Stramash in 1314, when Scots assured their independence. I live in London, but tour every summer with foreigners, cos like you folks, I'm still besotted by my home, my native land. And I get paid to do it! Don't believe in National stereotypes… 🙂

  2. I feel like every Scottish person that Ive ever met shares this same crazy love that Ian has. Its so awesome to see how proud and enthusiastic they are about their country. I, like you, fell in love with Scotland and cannot wait to go back. BUT, if you ever do get a chance, I suggest travelling further out and taking a ferry from Isle of Skye to the Outer Hebrides. Its probably the most amazing place that Ive ever been to… beautiful scenery and amazing people. GO!!

  3. So true, a good tour guide can turn your holidays into a real heaven. I don't book guided tours very often (well, in comparison with how much I travel..), but I've had some excellent guides, such as the ones I've had in India recently or the wonderful guide I've had at the Iguassu Waterfalls a couple of years ago. They certainly play a very important part for making us keep a great memory of the place.

    1. I love that post that you wrote about your tourguide in India. I wish they'd let us interview guides or do a trial run before booking a trip 🙂 I've had some horrible ones that I was stuck with for weeks. Not fun.

  4. I've yet to make it to Scotland, but your pictures are enticing me even more! The picture of you on the green hillside is stunning!

    As for love affairs of my own, I was completely smitten by Greece. I lived, studied and vacationed there and went back 3 times in 1.5 years! Isn't it amazing how a place can enchant you like that?

    1. Enchant… yes, I like that word. That's exactly what Scotland did… enchant us with its stories and legends. Thanks for coming by, Christine!

  5. I have a love affair with Scotland and I've never even been! 😛

    Thankfully we're going this summer – after a few weeks in London, the plan is to spend a couple months in Scotland (probably in Edinburgh).

    Basically I just want to spend all my time getting lost in huge rolling green hills, like you're doing in that picture!

    1. Ooooh, how lucky!!!
      Jack and I constantly talk about taking a break (a vacation from our trip) in Edinburgh on our way to Asia… hopefully that will happen because we were in the city for 3 days last time we were there. There wasn't enough time to enjoy the city at all.

    1. That's what happened to us. The stories behind the landscape are what make it so much more than just a nice view. Thanks for sharing your post.

  6. Beautiful photos, plus your guide looks like he's an AWESOME storyteller! The only place (so far) I've ever felt a deep connection with is Savannah, GA. It's not particularly "exotic", but when I visited Savannah in 2008 I felt that I was home, that it was somewhere I should be.

  7. I've never been to Scotland, but always intrigued as my province is Nova Scotia and we have a lot of tradition there. BTW I love the video, you need to include more!

  8. Something further we have in common: Since I first stepped foot in Edinburgh, I have been head-over-heels in love and hopelessly devoted to Scotland. I lived there in 2003 and have yet to find a country I like better or a city I dream about more. Somehow, though, in all the times I've been back to visit, I've still never made it to Skye. Maybe I'm just saving it to go with Scott for the first time!

  9. Loved this post. It is great when you find a guide that wants to be a guide! I do enjoy a smattering of organized tours because you can get so much information from them, usually.

    I would have to say the first time I visited Bavaria I felt a definite connection. This is probably why I seem to gravitate towards including a quick trip to Bavaria anytime I am in the area.

  10. Wonderful post, and beautiful pictures. The last photo is my favorite, the blue sky on the field looks amazing! Tours are always better when you have some who is enthusiastic about where they are. We have had guides on both ends of the spectrum and bad guides usually make for bad tours. Glad this one worked out for you.

    I've always had a desire to go to Scotland, this post just reminds me how I need to get over there.

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