Postcard from Galapagos

Galapagos, Ecuador

postcard from Galapagos

We had a plan to send postcards to our families back home from the places we’ve visited during our around the world trip. But not until Galapagos did we finally get a chance.

It was interestingly hard to come up with something to write about knowing there’s no ‘Ctrl-Z’ button to save us if we make a mistake. We couldn’t remember the last time either of us has written so much using pen and paper.

And our parents couldn’t remember the last time they got something from us in the mail either. Needless to say, they were ecstatic. So it was definitely worth the effort.

Keep an eye out for more postcards from us, sent from different spots around the world.

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13 Replies to “Postcard from Galapagos”

  1. it can be hard to find the time to write home when traveling. i'm sure your parents really enjoyed hearing from you. that's a really badass postcard too.

  2. I'm usually pretty good at writing them, but sending them is a different matter. I just found 2 post cards from my Feb. trip to the Japanese Alps that are written, but were never sent.

  3. I have only sent one postcard in much more time traveling than I care to admit. I sent it from Antarctica but I was there after the last group of mail was picked up for the season so it won't be delivered until close to Christmas!

  4. I think in the future, writing with pen and paper is going to become a lost art form, kept alive by a select few diehards (like listening to vinyl records.) I support the postcard habit!

  5. I'm guilty of not sending enough postcards myself. Your friends & family back home will be thrilled to get them. Receiving something in the mail is almost a bit like a lost art these days.

  6. Did you use the post office from Floreana Island? I remember we put a postcard in there and it was hand delivered to our address in Canada in less than a week. It was crazy how fast it got there.

  7. We had the same experience the first time we sent postcards from the road. Ctrl-Z certainly spoils you, doesn't it? Looking forward to seeing more!

  8. I love that turtle postcard! My handwriting has turned to chicken scratch because I rarely write anything and when I do I want to write it really fast. Thank gawd for typing. 🙂

  9. Sad but true. Handwriting is a lost art. Many kids these days don't even know how to handwrite….


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