First Day Apart: Paris vs Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Since we’re traveling separately now thought it would be fun to do a comparison of what we’re doing and what we’re seeing in the same day.

Jill says:

First day in Addis didn’t go so well: the airline lost my luggage, I couldn’t get in touch with the group I was supposed to meet for my trip to Danakil, and my hotel room smells strongly of turpentine. Added to that, Addis isn’t the kind of city that easily lifts a traveler’s spirit up.

Thankfully, a CS’er in Addis came to the rescue. Tadese took me shopping in crazy merkato for an adapter that got lost along with my luggage (so I can at least charge my gadgets!) and introduced me to ‘firfir’ which was my very first Ethiopian food I had in Ethiopia.

firfir, Ethiopia

Firfir is a food made for injera lover. It’s injera cooked with spices eaten with – guess what? – injera. I like injera – but this double hit of injera was just a bit too much.

Jack says:

After a rough night in Charles de Gaulle (voted one of the worst airports to sleep in) I had 6 hours before I could check in to the hostel. So I walked around hitting all of the major sights Paris has to offer.

I hate to rub it in, but Paris is a very nice city to walk around in.

Eiffel tower

I have to say Jack’s first day sounds a lot better than mine, lol.

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6 Replies to “First Day Apart: Paris vs Addis Ababa”

  1. I was reading all about your Ethiopia travels–My boyfriend (who has been doing research in Gambela town for the past year or so) and I are planning on moving there this summer.

    After reading your blog posts, I'm a little worried. Any thoughts on clothing? I'm at a loss for appropriate attire for women in Ethiopia.

  2. hang in there Jill. I grew up in South Africa and have travelled in Africa and it is not easy…. I think that Africa is hard to travel in although there are lots of people who just love it. A friend of mind rode him motorbike from holland to south africa last year, through the whole of the Sudan. He loves africa. But I am more ambivalent and find the difficult side of it hard to bear, and there is a lot of that difficult side in my opinion. And now you guys are apart, that totally sucks. I love travelling with my wife, it is the best thing. You have our support.

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