Our 7 Links and A Small Personal Update

Baños, Ecuador

We were recently nominated by the couple behind 1000Fights and Philinthe_ to pass on the torch of this 7 Links Project: a chain-letter-between-bloggers sort of game.

What is this 7 Links?
The nominated blogger gets to pick 7 of their old posts that fit within a given category such as ‘The Most Beautiful Post’, ‘The Most Popular’ etc – you’ll see.

The idea is bring to light some of the old and buried posts. The nominated blogger then gets to nominate 5 other bloggers. Simple enough, right?

Anywho, without further ado… here are Our 7 Links:

1. Most Beautiful Post – Beautiful Valle de Cocora

Valle de Cocora

It’s hard not to take pictures in Colombia’s Valle de Cocora and have them come out as beautiful.

One little secret we’ve never mentioned: the most popular picture of the set (based on the comment) was pure accidental. The camera slipped out of my hand when I was taking a picture, resulting in a nice composition of the top of these gigantic palm trees that I’d never have thought of myself.

Check out the post and see if you can figure out which photo we’re talking about.

Read the post…

2. Most Popular Post – Why Did the Grizzly Cross the Street

This should also belong in the ‘A Post Whose Success Surprised Me’ – we’re really not sure why this particular post has been the most popular one in awhile.

I have a feeling it has something to do with the cute grizzly cub.
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3. Most Controversial – Travel Challenges in Colombia

Traveling is not just about pretty pictures and yummy food. Sometimes it’s the opposite.

On this post we talked about the travel challenges we faced in the first country in our RTW trip and a commenter pretty much told us we’re whining too much.

Read the post and let us know if that’s true.

4. Most Helpful Post – How Much Does A RTW Cost

Cost of RTW trip

Our post that summarizes how much a RTW trip would cost is without a doubt our most helpful post. We did a lot of research to find how much a RTW trip has cost other travelers. The final number was calculated by averaging these numbers.

So, on average, how much would an around the world trip cost you? Check out the post and find out.

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5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me – Leaving Our Jobs and Coming Out Party

Jack and Jill

This is the post where we talked about finally quitting our jobs. This is also the first post where we started posting pictures of ourselves. We were touched by the responses and the comments this post received.

Read the post…

6. A post we feel didn’t get the attention it deserved – How to Shop For Your Travel Gear

In this post we shared some of the tips and advices about:
– What to buy and when is the best time to do it
– How to save money when shopping for your next gear

All learned from our hard-learned experience. We think the advices are solid and those who’ve read it seem to think so too. But we’re surprised that no more people have come across it.

Read the post…

7. The post that you are most proud of – Our 5 Joys of Travel

joy of travel

For many reasons, this has been a favorite post of mine to write. We think it reflects how we’ve adapted to the challenges on the road and started to appreciate the little joys that travel brings.

Read the post…

Now it’s our turn to ‘tag’ 5 other bloggers:
Vagabond Quest
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Married With Luggage
Never Ending Footsteps

A small personal update:
Still in Baños. We’re currently sharing an apartment with our friends Miin and Neil whom we met in Colombia. We’re done with our volunteering commitment but we’ll be here for another week or so just hanging out and slowly saying goodbyes to all the friends we’ve made here.

Where are we heading next? South. Final (short-term destination) is Huaraz, Peru. Between here and there is still up in the air.


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  1. great round up guys! That palm tree post is one of the most beautiful on the whole internet. Seriously, you need to let me know when you start making prints of those!!

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