Losing Weight – Making Money Off Our Unwanted Stuff

The apartment that is…

Every now and then I go into overdrive trying to de-clutter our apartment. This time around it was out of necessity. We wanted to climb outside more and we needed more climbing gear. To assuage our guilt of purchasing more stuff we decided to look around for things to sell in the apt.

Some of the stuff we sold

It’s always surprising that regardless how careful you are with purchases, you always end up with stuff that you don’t need.

It’s even more surprising how much other people are willing to pay for what some things you’re this close to throwing away.

Even though we didn’t do the purge for the trip, we ended up making more than we aimed for… so the trip piggy bank ended up benefiting from this as well in the end.

And not to mention, the apartment now has less stuff… which means when d-day comes, there will be less things to pack and store. Psychologically, living in an increasingly spartan apartment acts as a countdown timer… a constant reminder that when we start running out of stuff… it’s time to pack what’s left and leave.

Climbing gear: check.
More money for the trip: check.

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