Laguna Parón – Huaraz, Peru

Huaraz, Peru

Laguna Paron is an easy day hike from Huaraz, Peru. Even though located at 4100m, the trail is relatively flat and straightforward.

Sept 3 update:
Back on the trailhead after our hike, we encountered another group who was looking for a person who shared a cab with them. They had been waiting for 2 hours and the guy never showed up.

We saw the guy on and off during our walks but never thought much of it. And we never saw him again.

It was late in the day and we were the only hikers left. Running late for their flights back home, they decided to leave. We too, left soon after.

The 22 year old guy, of French nationality, was found dead a couple of days later apparently from falling off the steep part of the trail (even though the trail was flat, most of it has a steep drop off on one side). Read the full article here (in spanish).

Which of course raised the question: if we had stayed and looked for him, would he still be alive?

It’s really sad.

Laguna Paron

How to get to Laguna Paron
– Take a combi (S6 – 1.5 hours) from Huaraz to Caraz. They go very often.
– A collectivo from Caraz to the laguna cost (S100 per car – 1.5 hours) – including a return ride and some hours of waiting while you go hiking.
– The hike to the end of the lake can be done in 1.5 hours – to do the full length of the trail to the glacier would take 4 hours. One way.
– S5 entrance fee per person.

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9 Replies to “Laguna Parón – Huaraz, Peru”

  1. Wow, that is sad. Personal safety is the biggest reason I won't high alone, especially at high altitudes, in places I haven't been before.

    1. Re: the French tourist, I asked a local trekking agency about it today and the woman said he had been walking on a side of the lake you're not suppose to walk on (because it's dangerous), and that usually that instruction is given to hikers before they go.

  2. Aww, so sad! That's awful to live with, but really, for all you knew he could have left already. It's too bad he didn't make plans with someone after so that people knew to be expecting him for sure. So sad!

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