Jack and Jill Are Going to Alaska (Again)

Our last trip to Alaska was filled with adventures: pitching up a tent on the ferry, face-to-face encounter with grizzly bears, petting an iceberg, and getting lost in Denali National Park.

In front of a glacier in Alaska
In front of a glacier in Alaska

What I remember the most about Alaska is how nature seems to crowd in and dominate life. Our couchsurfing hosts in Juneau told stories about shooing bears and moose (mooses? or meese?) off their backyards. A few hours drive (or a few hours hike) will take you to up close and personal with awesome nature sceneries: glaciers, snow capped mountains, forests, or fjords.

Unfortunately what we remember of Anchorage is a little fuzzy: I remember that we couchsurfed with a nice lady who gave us full access to her basement, filled with knicknacks from her youth. She also has the smallest apple-head chihuahua I’d ever seen.

Actually I’m not so sure about the dog. It could’ve been a cat. Anyway, it was tiny, had 4 legs and a weirdly shaped head.

Funny the random things you remember (and don’t) about a place.

What Anchorage itself is like, I don’t remember a thing. I feel quite terrible about it. (In our defense, it was many, many years ago and I think we only stayed there for one day?)

So when Hilton Garden Inn offered to host us in Anchorage so we can poke around their city for a bit, we couldn’t say no. It’s time to make amends. (And besides, let’s be honest – there are really few places I’d say no to free flights to. Really few. Like three.)

I don’t know yet what Anchorage has to offer, but knowing it’s Alaska I’m sure there will be lots of nature ‘stuff’ to do which is right down our alley. And seafood (we love seafood!) Would there be more than that to do in Anchorage? I guess we’ll find out.

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3 Replies to “Jack and Jill Are Going to Alaska (Again)”

  1. Hi guys!
    How many times did you travel to Alaska?
    I thought it would be freezing there, but it looks like the temperature isn't that low. Are you on Couchsurfing? That's awesome. Let me know if you ever plan to come to Cambodia. Would be my pleasure to host you.

    Nice photo by the way.


    1. How funny should I find this post and comment now, as I was in Homer approximately 16 days ago when it was written!! Lovely little town, loved Alaska!!

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