I’m Finally Ready, I think

Note: This post is an attempt on my part to consolidate past travel journals into this blog. This particular trip around Western Europe was taken in 2005. To read the complete series of post from this trip: Western Europe Summer

So, we went to LA to pick up my passport, complete with the 3 visas I’ll need for my 6 week journey. I’m SO excited! I could barely sleep last night, worried that something would go wrong and I wouldn’t be able to get my passport back in time. You know those consulate people, if they don’t like one thing about you, say, a crease on the wrong part of a document, they have the power send you back home with your tail between your legs.

I kinda expected I would be asked to do a little magic trick and a dance before they’d give me back my passport, but in actuality the whole process took approximately 15 seconds. I was stoked. No more 5 hours driving to LA and back, except to go to LAX in June 13. Woo hoo!!

For some reason, I keep thinking that I’m forgetting something important. I think it’s just the pre-departure anxiety kicking in. But maybe not. What if I did forget something? What could it be? Could it be something important? What if it’s something I obviously, almost certainly will need but it just hasn’t crossed my mind yet? What if I’m standing in line in the departure gate when it suddenly hits me? It would be too late. What would I do then? *anxious noises*

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