Celebrating 5th Anniversary in Las Vegas

We’ve survived 5 years of being married!

That called for a celebration. Some of you might’ve known that I sprung a surprise trip to Vegas for Jack last week. Vegas is usually not our kind of destination, but it was hard to say no to $100 flights and weekday hotel prices in Vegas.

Vegas has reputation as a party and gambling destination and I don’t consider Vegas as a typical anniversary destination. But for us, it worked out beautifully. We had such a blast.

It goes to show that Vegas can be fun even for non-gamblers like us.

Vegas shows

Myster in Vegas and Marriage Can Be Murder

We LOVED Vegas’ shows and always manage to squeeze in a show or two whenever we find ourselves in Vegas. We’re big fans of Cirque du Soleil and we’ve seen almost every Cirque production in Vegas.

If you have to pick one show, go see ‘Ka. It’s an incredible production.

Tip: you almost never have to pay full price. Some days you can get a 15% off simply by asking for it. Or if you’ve seen other Cirque shows, you can get a discount for the next one. Or go to Tix4Tonight booths. Or if you stay in a hotel that’s owned by MGM (which is half of the strip), you can ask for a discounts on their shows too.

marriage can be murder, vegas
One of the ‘victims’ in Marriage Can Be Murder dinner theatre

Marriage Can Murder is a dinner theatre production. We went because it sounded like tons of fun (and the title fits with the theme of the trip, don’t you think?). It turned out to be a fun ‘Clue’-like ‘Who is killing all of these people?’ mystery with a lot of participation from the audience.

Jack got cast as a Chippendale dancer and even got a dollar bill tip for his convincing dancing.

Exploring the desert surrounding Vegas

The desert around Vegas is a hidden gem that many visitors to Vegas miss. It’s a pity because it’s incredibly beautiful. Many of the sceneries remind me of southern Utah. It’s a landscape of crazy swirls of colors and sandstone formations. It’s so, so, worth it.

There’s the Valley of Fire (more on this later), Red Rocks State Park (awesome for climbing), Mt. Charleston (for skiing – yes, you’ve heard me, Vegas has a ski resort), and more.

Adrenaline-inducing adventures

Racing a sports car at Exotics Racing, Vegas
Jill inside a Lamborghini Superleggera at Exotics Racing

Forget the roller coaster at New York New York. Or even the controlled free fall (an oxymoron) from Stratosphere. I was thinking of skydiving over Vegas, but it wasn’t hard to convince us that racing a sports car would be more exciting.

There aren’t a lot of places where you can drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini as fast as you can on a real racetrack. No regrets here. It was one of the craziest and funnest things we’ve ever done.

The best part this Vegas trip?

I got to share these experiences with my best friend whom I happen to be married to. Here’s hoping for years more of experiences and adventures. Wherever they take us.

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11 Replies to “Celebrating 5th Anniversary in Las Vegas”

  1. Congrats! There are some many things to do in Vegas that doesn't require getting smashed. Many travel from afar to climb at Red Rock. Also, Zion National Park is only 3 hours away.

  2. I lived in Las Vegas for about ten months many years ago. I couldn't wait to leave at the time, but now I would love to go back for a visit. Definitely a great place to spend a weekend or even a few weeks, but not a good place to live. And strangely, it was the endless sunshine that bugged me most about the place–you don't realize how nice rain can be until you never get any.

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary! Sounds like you had a great time in Vegas! I'm not a gambling type either, so I've always wondered what there is to do in the city…apart from get drunk, of course. I excel at getting drunk.

    Thanks for sharing – and the dinner murder mystery theatre thingy sounds like SO much fun. But no photos of Jack as a Chippendale? Sad face. 🙁

  4. According to me Marriage is the relation that we want before it and want to get away from this.But it is not that situation that we survive.Basically it depends on us how we operate our married life.

  5. Great to read you guys had such a great time! I've had my first Vegas trip last September and as a non gambler I just strolled the trip up and down, checking out all the hotels. I was only there for two days and that was enough for me, but I'd love to go back to explore the desert!

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