Budget Update For December

December budget update

Somehow we’ve managed to recover from the setbacks we’ve experienced in the past couple of months:

– Jack got some Christmas bonus from his company and that goes straight into savings
– I’ve got some money from my freelance website design job (not counted on this graph yet), and that will go to the pot as well
– And I guess, all the penny pinching finally paid off. Who would’ve thought?!

Extrapolating from the graph it looks like we should be able to hit our target right about when we’re departing on our RTW trip. So, yay!

November budget update
October budget update

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7 Replies to “Budget Update For December”

  1. Good luck with getting closer and closer to your goal! I know it must be very exciting to see the savings growing. It's amazing how having good motivation helps in making what used to seemed impossible possible. At least this is how it was in my case. I alays thought that extended travelling was for rich people, but when I decided to do it I discovered it was very far from true.

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