Jack in Chaak Tun Cenote

Chaak Tun Cenote – One of Yucatan’s Best

We were feeling somewhat lukewarm about Playa del Carmen. Until we stumbled upon Chaak Tun cenote – it’s so awesome we can say it ‘made’ the Playa for us. For us, Chaak Tun is the best cenote in the whole Yucatan.

Like any awesome find, I want to keep this gem for ourselves. But just like any other awesome finds – I love sharing them as well.

swimming with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres Mexico

Swimming With Whale Sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“So, who’s ready? Vamonos! Who’s first?… Amigos?” – the captain looks around.

A minute ago, all 8 of us were brimming with excitement about the prospect of swimming with whale sharks. Now that we’ve seen them – hesitation creeps in. These guys are huge! Some are longer than the 30-feet boat we’re in. The surface of the water was bubbling with 200 or so whale sharks feeding off planktons.

200 of the biggest fish in the ocean and we’re about to jump in in the midst of them.

Mexico City – All the Fun You Can Have in 10 Hours

Long layover sucks. On the way to New York from South America, we had a 10 hour layover in Mexico City. But getting out of the airport to enjoy a little bit of the city definitely beats moping around at the airport.

It was our first time in Mexico. Well, actually it was technically my 2nd time, but since the only thing I remember from my first visit is having been put for a photo on top of a donkey, crying my 7 year old heart out, with a gigantic sombrero that says ‘Tijuana’ at the front, it doesn’t really count.