A Chronicle of our Misadventures – Random Saturday

Saturdays are usually my off days, but I’ve been in such a productive mood lately I’ve decided to start a new feature: Random Saturday

Random Saturday

Every Saturday (or every other Saturday – in case my productive mood doesn’t last long) I’m going to write about… well, random stuff.

I wonder if it’s so random, can I even call it a feature?

You know, let’s go random all out and instead of promising ‘every Saturday’ or ‘every other Saturday’, I’m just going to say ‘on some Saturday‘.

Anyway, this Saturday I’m going to highlight a new category I’ve recently created, ‘misadventure‘. Just like the name suggests, it’s going to encompass stories that have just a streak of adventure in them. Some are truly misadventures… others are not so much.

Without further ado, In case you missed it, here are some the latest ones:

11 Steps to Get Your Ass Kicked by a Mountain — Jack and I went skiing after a major snow dump in Tahoe, and I was talked into going down the steepest slope on the whole mountain with a not-so-fun results.

Climbing Mt. Whitney in One Day — Mt. Whitney is the tallest mountain in the continental US. Doing a 22 mile-hike in one day? How bad can it be? It’s just hiking, right?

Hiking to Medellin Glacier in Alaska — the most famous glacier in Juneau. Who would’ve thought that you can hike all the way to the glacier? And it’s such an easy trail too.

Want some more misadventures to go with your Saturday morning coffee (or tea, or beer?): Jack and Jill’s collection of misadventures.

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  1. I think this random concept is a great idea for a blog series. I hope your productive feeling lasts, so you can continue it 😉

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