Happy 6 Month Anniversary – An Awkward but Sincere Note For Y’all

Well, belated 6 month anniversary of our RTW travel.

Between my laptop got stolen and planning for the next stage of our travel, we didn’t even realise that we’d been on the road for 6 months (and 4 days). Crazy how time flies.

6 months (and 4 days), 4 countries, 24 cities, hundreds of hours on buses, and about $20 spent on Twix.

BUT, on this anniversary post we’re not going to talk about the highlights and lowlights of our trip (or about who’s been eating all of the Twix-es), or lessons we’ve learned on the road (and there are plenty of them) – there’s time for that.

In the past 6 months we learned something unexpected: as much as we enjoy sight seeing, a big part of the joy of our travel has been making connections. With fellow travelers we meet along the way, with our hosts in their respective countries, and with you, our readers – from back home or otherwise.

So we’d like to dedicate this post to all of you.


To who? To you. To you who’s reading this right now. To everyone who’s taken time to comment. To those who lurk around (we know you’re there – come out and say ‘hi’). To those who’ve liked us on Facebook. And become our Twitter buddies.

In short, to everyone who’s taken time out of their busy lives to follow us on our journey.

You’ve enriched our travel in ways you can’t imagine.

Just to give you a tiny example: just a couple of weeks ago I got an email from someone who just came back from doing the Huayhuash Trek in Peru. Apparently she had found this post of ours where we mentioned Vomit, a dog we got quite attached to during the trek.

She not only took the time to write us such a nice email, but thought of us enough to take a picture of Vomit to send to us knowing how much we missed him.

Seriously – that was one of the sweetest things a complete stranger has ever done for us.

But that wasn’t all. There’s all these tips about places we’ve received. Encouragement when things get tough. And for listening to us whining about stolen stuff, getting scammed, and super long bus rides. For being our personal post office to send and receive stuff for us (hello, Jack’s mom!).

For being there.

We’re not really good at this all sappy stuff so we’ll make it short. Just so you know…

You’ve made our travel easier and brighter.

We hope you continue to tag along as we continue our adventures in new continents. Africa is up next!

A completely random picture of us.

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19 Replies to “Happy 6 Month Anniversary – An Awkward but Sincere Note For Y’all”

  1. Congratulations!! We know you're loving your adventure as much as we do love reading about them. Keep enjoying and Have wonderful New Year!
    @TACARegional SM Team 🙂

  2. Congrats! 🙂 Feels like just few weeks ago, when we talked about leaving and traveling. And now check you out! And check me out. 🙂 Happy for you two.

  3. Keep on trucking! Love reading about your adventures. Me and the wife are gearing up for our 6months in Central+South America. You guys definitely have chronicled some awesome stories. Thanks for all the great visuals and travel tips.

  4. I love reading your blogs, well done for six months makes my first RTW look tame and over planned, well we are starting in California. Next stop, New Zealand!

  5. Six months already? WOW! Time sure flies. I'm loving reading all about your adventures, though, and I can't wait to follow you through Africa!

  6. you guys are awesome. It's looking like our paths may not cross, but I'm still looking forward to reading about your travels in Africa!!

  7. Glad that I stumbled on your site! Love reading about your adventures. Keep writing.. and having fun!

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