New Look for 2015

I’m sitting on a couch with a cup of tea, surrounded by crumpled Kleenex. I’d never been this incapacitated by the common cold since – gah, I don’t even remember. It’s pouring like crazy outside. I haven’t climbed nor exercise in a week. But all of those can’t get me down because I just finished a 2 day marathon on re-vamping our site and it is finally finished.

(Is it ever finished? Already I’m thinking of changes I’d like done.)

I wish I could find a screenshot of what the site looked like when we first started out 5 years ago. I remember it was a very cartoony, garish look with sunshine yellow, orange, and red. Not much survived from that very humble beginning (and it’s a good thing).

Jackandjilltravel 201? - 2015
OLD: Jackandjilltravel 201? – 2015
Jackandjilltravel 2015-?
NEW: Jackandjilltravel 2015-?

Anyway, what’s new? I re-organized the navigation, got rid of a bunch of plugins, edited old categories and outdated posts. We’ve got a new Travelers page; we edited the “About Us” page.

And not to mention it’s a got a spiffy new look.

The site now looks even better on mobile (really, check it out).

What do you guys think?

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  1. funny thing is i was thinking what a cool website, i like the layout and simplicity but yet detailed when you need it… and as i scroll down i see, How do you like it? Prompting me to write this feedback. I am making my own currently, (nothing to do with exploring) and you gave me some ideas. I like the left side menu. …and cool pics and stories!! GP

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