10 Must Bring Items On Our Trips

It just does NOT do it justice. Matthes Crest, the Sierras, US

Last time I checked, there are about thousands and thousands of similar articles telling you about what you definitely, most positively, need on your trip. Some of them made me go, “Why the hell would I need a that for a trip?” It’s obvious that what one considers a must have might as well be a dead weight to another.

My advice: make your own list of must have(s).

So here is MY list, my 10 things that I carry with me (or try to at least) whenever I go venture abroad to the unknown.

1. A wristwatch. Handy item that enables you to arrive on time to catch your ferry, train, and other mode transportation. It also comes in handy when trying to figure out how late said ferry or train is when it finally, if ever, arrives.

2. Smartwool socks. Love them, love them, love them. I find that I don’t need to wear any liners whenever I wear these socks, even during multi-day backpacking trips.

3. Flip flops/Tevas.

4. Headlamp if camping or trekking even remotely a possibility. A nice-to-have for hostel crowds, a dead weight for the hotel people.

5. A sarong. Worth its weight in gold.

6, 7, 8 The three trinity of layers: wool thermal, lightweight fleece(or down), and a lightweight rain jacket.

9. Extra cash hidden separately from main wallet.

10. Photocopies of passport and a couple of passport size photos.

So, that’s it. Pretty straightforward, I guess. All of the above can probably be found anywhere you go in the world… except probably for #2, and oh #9.

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6 Replies to “10 Must Bring Items On Our Trips”

  1. Finally, I have found another die-hard fan of smart wool socks… has there ever been a greater feeling than pulling on a pair of these socks? Seriously, bliss every time. Also, sarongs can not go underrated… beach towel, blanket, shawl, scarf, skirt, dress (if you're very clever)… all in one! Brilliant.
    I thing you're already on your way now.. happy flight and happy journey!

  2. Love all of these though I'm kind of thinking about ditching my underlayer for the next trip. I like Icebreaker a lot but they don't leave much room for the imagination, if you know what I mean. Personally, I've never carried a sarong though others swear by them.

    1. I have a Smartwool base layer of medium thickness… and a size bigger and it works great! It's thick enough so that it covers… you know, the 'under' underlayers and it's not so tight either. But I guess it depends on the cut, if it's too large, it won't do its job either.

  3. I was taught the trinity was spandex/other wicking skin tight article of clothing, thermal and shell. Plus it's a lot more lightweight to pack a spandex and a thermal than a fleece and a wool. I've heard people talk about the sarong, I'm still confused about it's possible uses but I'm bringing one along anyway!

    1. You're right. The idea is thin/wicking, mid-layer, waterproof shell. Have you ever tried Smartwool? It's wool-based underlayer that's super thin and wicking… and as comfy as cotton (hmmm, cotton).

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