The New TSA Logo — Have You Seen It?

-- Cory Doctorow,

There has been quite a fuss about TSA’s full body scanner and the new pat-down technique. I’d be really curious about it myself when Jack and I are leaving for Indonesia in December.

Until then, this is what other people have written:

Solo Female Travelers and Airport Security
Suzy Guese told the story about how solo females (especially cute ones) seem to be targeted more at security checkpoint

TSA – Sexual Assault
Erin Chase went through the pat down process and was shocked at how… molest-y the whole process was.

Website Publishes 100 Pictures Of Federal Security Body Scans
And they say these images wont be stored. Tsk! Liar, liar pants on fire…

And if you think people should stop complaining and start proposing a better way to do security:
What Israel can teach us about security
How about start looking at the perpetrators instead of their shoes and liquids.

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