The Elusive Denali – Foto Friday

Mt.Kinley/Denali behind the mountain range

Elusive Mt. Denali finally appeared on the last day during our backpacking trip to Denali National Park.

Mt. Denali is the tallest mountain in the North America continent. It is so tall and massive it manages to look heavy and imposing even though it’s so far away from the spot we took this picture.

Covered in clouds most of the time we were there, it finally showed its magnificent self on our last day.

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6 Replies to “The Elusive Denali – Foto Friday”

  1. This is stunning! I love how the shot has interesting visual layers of trees, plains, and mountains. Great use of fore, middle, and background!
    I just went to the Japanese Alps and the peaks look similar. Great work.

  2. You guys should really go check out the bus from the book and movie "Into the Wild" while your there. Just head down stampede out of healy until it turns into a dirt trail at 8 mile lake and go 25 more miles…

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