KB Easy Picasa — A Plugin Review

With so many photo plug-ins to choose… it’s very time consuming to test every single one of them. I spent last weekend trying to find a simple plugin to show pics from my public Picasa albums in a post. I don’t particularly care for any Flash/Javascript fancy schmansy albums – they’re cool, just not what I’m looking for.

So far I kind of like KB Easy Picasa Web. You can specify how many of the first n pics you’re going to insert into your post, not the specific pics themselves unfortunately. But other than that… it’s a very simple plugin to use. In the admin, you specify how many pics you want to insert, the size, and whether or not you want to link them to the album. Then in the post itself, you insert a link to the album and the plugin will automatically insert the pics.

Like below:

Enjoy pics of one of our pet rats. In the pics he was really excited about licking some coffee off my finger. It was part of our morning routine. He passed a couple of months ago πŸ™
Monkey Boo

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