RSS and Twitter – Socially Challenged

We’ve been busy with life in general: saving money, reading guidebooks, and planning our upcoming trip to Indonesia, and of course writing blog posts, that we have not actually spent much time on the blog itself.

But finally I got around to doing these two things:

1. @JacknJillTravel

Jack and Jill is now on Twitter (@jacknjilltravel). We’re so new to this that we’re still not sure what all of these #’s and @’s and RT’s are… Which is kind of embarrassing really considering that we’re in their target demographic and what not. But we’re slowly learning.

Anyway, so yeah… If someone wants to give a Twitter for Blogging 101 lesson for us in the comment section below, we’d really appreciate it.

2. Full content on RSS Feed

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This is another thing we knew very little about. Someone mentioned that our RSS Feed was showing up as an excerpt as opposed to the full content. We were like, “Huh?”

Google came to the rescue! After digging around in our WordPress admin and Feedburner, and changing some file on WP and adding ‘RSS2’ to our feed URL, it seems to fix it. I’m not sure if we had to do both or what… but I’m glad it’s fixed.

Learning something new everyday 🙂

What do you use Twitter mainly for? And how do I tweet a URL? What’s the best way to use #’s? Aarrgh!

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