Progress. Sort of.

After a hard look at finances and job situation (will I or will I not have a job after September, that is the question), we decided that we should cut back on the geographical areas of places we’re visiting as well as shifting the time frame such that we spend more time in cheaper areas.

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Australia and The Pacifics

: I’m debating nixing New Zealand and Fiji, but keeping Australia (because the Great Barrier Reef is on my to-do list). But then again, it’s possible that the pacific region might be dropped off the itinerary altogether.


: Africa, oh Africa. Initially I crafted an ambitious itinerary in Africa, a continent that has always fascinated me from the very beginning … but it seems that we might have to limit our trip to 2-3 countries in that vast continent. A pity, really. But the vast distances between countries and lack of economical transportation options make traveling in that region more expensive that we thought it would

South America and Asia

: Instead, it’s highly likely that we’re going to spend most of our time in South America and Asia. I have had somewhat avoided placing much emphasis on Asia. Coming from an Asian country, the region just does not have the same exotic appeal to me.

Asia = horrible humidity, god-awful traffic, choking pollution, scary corrupt traffic cops.

On the flip side: it’s cheap (with some exceptions), it has great food, fascinating tradition and culture, I will blend in more with the crowd, and a lot of countries in Asia don’t require visa for both Jack and I. Score!!


: We also seem unable to avoid Europe altogether the way these airlines are routed, so we might as well make a stop there. Maybe France so I can see if teaching yourself a foreign language from the Internet is actually worth the time. And I might be able to sneak in a flight to Turkey from either Paris or London.

Other regions

: Unfortunately, I also don’t think we’ll be able to fit in Central Asia (countries that end in -stan, such as Tajikistan or Ubezkistan) and Mongolia. Lonely Planet Central Asia was the very first guidebook I read preparing for the trip, and I was instantly drawn to the region’s remoteness and stark beauty. We’ll see. Maybe if I’m lucky enough to still have a job after September I’ll save exclusively for a visit to the area.

So, in a nutshell, our itinerary has evolved from an amorphous cloud of vague ideas and dreams, to a much smaller and reality-based amorphous cloud.

So, there you go. Progress. Sort of.

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  1. I'm preparing for my trip to Africa at the end of August – 7 countries in 42 days! And the only way I've managed that is by a tour when I quickly realised the same as you – independent travel around Africa is getting better but it's still not great. Here's hoping you get to at least 2-3 countries, it's a must! =)

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