Packing Tips — Linky Links

Our method to pack light is a little haphazard. We start with this list and adjust as necessary.

Many, many backpacking trips taken in the past have taught us that clean clothes are overrated, while clean socks are underrated. But we realized that what work for us won’t necessarily work for others…

So here are a short list of links on how to keep the weight of your pack manageable. Find what work for your needs, and toss out the crazy-er ones… The key is here to experiment. Happy packing!

Ultimate Guide to Packing Light: 45 Tips to Lighten Your Load — no kidding. Quite a long list of tips there. One of my faves: “Print out the information from your country on what to do if your passport is lost or stolen.”

The Art of Packing Light — “Get a smaller bag and you’ll make do with fewer things…” How true.

Ten Tricks for Packing Light — “don’t think about what you might need, but rather what you can do without.”

Got any packing tips to share? Share them in the comment section below.