Marmot, the cutest thing you'd see on a trail — Foto Friday

Cute Marmot
Cute Marmote

This little guy is a yellow-bellied marmot. They’re ubiquitous in tundras and talus fields such as this one near Morraine Lake in Jasper National Park. Most of these guys we met on the trail in the Sierras are used to hikers and would eye your backpacks with hunger in their eyes.

This particular guy wasn’t that interested in us though. He/she was more interested in chasing another marmot away and scurried away a second after this picture was taken.

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17 Replies to “Marmot, the cutest thing you'd see on a trail — Foto Friday”

  1. They live in Mongolia too I think. Whenever I think of Marmots I remember a Travel Channel thing about the hunters on the steppes in Mongolia. The guy had a furry hat that I guess was marmot fur. He would pop up and move a bit jerky like a marmot to try to "blend in". It was awesome.

  2. I saw one of these guys while hiking around Lake Louise, only he was like three times the size and didn't look cute and cuddly at all, but rather mean and menacing!

    1. We don't know that many either except for the most commonly seen animals on the sierras… bears and marmots. If we don't know the name, we make one up… for example, there's this type of small squirrel like animals we see all over the place. Jack and I call them "Chikimumus" 🙂

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