Nafplion Rooftop, Greece — Foto Friday

Rooftop of Naflio -- Jack and Jill Collection

Unexpectedly, Greece became one of our favorite countries in Western Europe and our visit to Nafplion was certainly the highlight.

We arrived with no plan and no list of things to do. After days of being rushed and standing in countless lines in Italy, it was a bliss to be able to wake up with no agenda for the day.

We spent our days in Nafplion sleeping in, taking a stroll to look for breakfast, escaping the heat of day in our small room eating cold watermelon, taking afternoon naps, and ended the day with an evening stroll to look for dinner. Rinse and repeat.

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14 Replies to “Nafplion Rooftop, Greece — Foto Friday”

  1. I somehow stumbled upon your website and absolutely love it! My boyfriend and I are currently planning a rtw trip to start sometime in the fall on 2012! Right now we are getting ready for a 8 day trip to Greece and will be staying in Nafplion for 1 night. Right now I only have a food blog but am hoping to start a travel blog real soon! Just want to say hello and let you know that I've really enjoyed reading your various articles!

  2. Hey, when did you guys go to Greece? We spent quite a bit time there, mostly in the Island of Crete that we love so much. We visited Nafplion too, and I really like that fortress in the small islet.

  3. I had read nice things about Nafplion, but it was too far out of the way for me to get to there and Meteora. As much as I didn't like Athens, I think I might hit the mainland again to see Nafplion.

    1. I don't remember the exact route, but we did hit both Meteora and Nafplion. We stayed exclusively on the mainland last time. Next up, the islands!

  4. Ben and I LOVED Greece too and are definitely planning to go back some day. We only had 1 week and split it between Athens (amazing) and Nafplio (even more amazing). I'd love to get at least a month and travel all around the mainland… islands would be nice too but like you've said, expensive.

    Not sure if you've been to Turkey, but we have similar feelings about that country. We only visited Istanbul for 5 days, but we would love to go back and explore more of the country.

    1. We've never been to Turkey, but it's definitely a place that's I've always wanted to visit. That whole region fascinates me for its history, architecture, and mix of religions and cultures.

    1. Greece is awesome. Would love to go back… we didn't have the budget to check out the islands, so that's what we're going to do next time we're there.

    1. Unfortunately, the fact that we barely remember anything about the food that we ate there means it was just ok. Not that it was bad or anything… but we love Italian food and we arrrived in Greece after eating our way around Italy.

    1. Greece surpassed our expectations. And we didn't even get to explore the islands (too expensive). If you ever get there, make sure to check out Meteora… it's an unbelieavably amazing place.

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