Jack and Jill Around the Net – April

What’s Going On In April?

Well, in case you missed it, after talking a lot about it we finally left for our around the world trip. But not without a minor glitch, however.

Gosh, all of that feel like they happened a long time ago.

We arrived in Colombia, the first country in our RTW itinerary and spent almost a week exploring colorful Cartagena, and more than a week in San Gil and surrounding Santander region (beautiful area).

We’ve bathed in volcanic mud, eaten ‘Hormigas Culonas’ (well, not me), and picked up new Spanish words every day (one of today’s words is ‘probar’ – to try).

Botero Plaza, Medellin, Colombia
Botero Plaza, Medellin, Colombia

We have just now arrived in Medellin, Colombia’s second biggest city (and apparently the only one with a metro system). And coming here after the Cartagena’s Old Town, Giron, and San Gil – Medellin, a gigantic city by comparison, will take some time to get used to.

And what better way to get used to big city living other than to enjoy what it has to offer, such as the availability of real Margherita Pizza.

First pizza in Colombia!

On a side note: I love the way Medellin is pronounced here: ‘Me-de-hjin’

Jack and Jill Around the Net


Jennifer from Live Richly interviewed us about our travel, how we’ve started dating, and other interesting things I don’t think anybody has ever asked us before.

To see a snapshot of us 3 weeks before our departure, check out our interview with Sarah from Footprints of A Backpacker.

The Hecks had us contribute to their popular ‘Dear Uncle Calvin…’ series in which they asked other travelers to write a letter to their Uncle Calvin who does not seem to get why we what we do. Check out what we have to say Uncle Calvin.


Tim Raveling from Good and Lost has been more than kind to include us in his list of great travel reads among other awesome travel blogs. Check it out.

Scott of Quirky Travel Guy and Brandon from Freewheelings thought we’re pretty darn lucky to have seen Alaskan grizzlies in the wild. We think so too 🙂

On a matter that closer to our hearts, Olivia of Powered by Tofu gave us a nod and decided to donate to our favorite animal charity North Star Animal Rescue as part of her Forkover Friday – a yearlong project in which she donates to a different charity every week.

What’s Next?

We’ll be staying in Medellin for a bit, making day trips to Guatape and maybe Santa Fe? Then we’ll be heading south to ‘El Cafetero’ or the coffee region.

We’re moving a little slower than we’ve first planned and we’re so grateful that we have the luxury of time to be able to that.

Thanks for following us along so far.

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8 Replies to “Jack and Jill Around the Net – April”

  1. That has to be the craziest bunch of stiroes!!! How wonderful you guys are living such an adventure! I am so envious! Great narration! I look forward to enjoying more of your experience vicariously as I am just catching up with your travels. Stay safe and love of love! Mary

  2. Thanks for the link guys! It was great to get to know you better. 🙂

    It sounds like you are having an excellent time. I will have to go to Colombia next time I'm in South America.

    I don't think I could eat bugs either! I'm much more of a pizza and ice cream girl.

  3. Congratulations on successfully starting your Round the World Trip! You are off to a great start and doing an amazing job blogging from the road. It is a difficult thing to travel and blog and you are making it look effortless while even contributing to other blogs and interviews. Well done and heres to a successful and exciting year ahead for you both.

  4. Oh you people are everywhere! I wish I was as prolific/productive. Frankly, you need to slow down. You are putting some bloggers to shame… 🙂

    Just kidding! Love reading your stories wherever they may be 😉

  5. Glad to see you guys made it to MDE and the Botero statues. Great to catch you in Cartagena. Hopefully we'll connect even more down the road!

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