Iron Key USB Drive — Weekly Travel Tip

What do you do to protect your personal information (copy of passport, bank statements, etc) while you’re on the road?

One idea is to keep a copy of your personal information and email it to yourself, which we’ve done in the past and I know a lot of people do. But this method relies heavily on the fact that you can keep your username and password secure. If you always use your own laptop, this method might work for you…

But if you ever find yourself using a compromised computer, say at an internet cafe, someone who had installed a keystroke logger on it could potentially get hold of your email’s username and password.

And that’s bad news…

If someone ever finds a combination of your email username and password (which a keystroke logger would), your bank accounts could be compromised, and even worse, your *gasp* Facebook account could be hacked!

We’re so getting one of these…

I first heard about IronKey USB Drive from Matt|YearAroundTheWorld and I thought it’s such an awesome device and we’re definitely going to get one for our trip.

The idea is that all of your information is stored encrypted, not simply password protected:

“this “always-on” protection cannot be disabled and is protected against cold-boot and brute force attacks…by worms, viruses or other malware.”

But what I like best about it is that it comes with a portable version of Firefox. Which means by storing all of your username & password to your email or bank account in the browser’s cookies beforehand, you’ll never have to type them using a possibly-compromised keyboard. That way, the keyboard logger would log… well, nothing more than that email you wrote to your parents from that dodgy internet cafe.

We like it because:
Jack, our resident computer expert, likes it. And he’s by nature suspicious of anything that claims to be secure. For this thing to get a thumbs up from him… it must be good.

We don’t like it because:
It’s pricey… and we might lose it.

Learn more about IronKey?

Have you ever used it? What do you think?