Dead Skin Eating Fish

Puncak, West Java, Indonesia

In Puncak, my mom and I decided that rather than letting our dead skin cells go to waste, we’re going to pay for the privilege of feeding them to these cute little fishies.

Fish spa at Puncak

Fish spa in Puncak

Fish Spa

The cost: $4 for 15 mins
Where you can find it: Kampung Brascoe factory outlet in Puncak

The sensation: We were the very first customer of the day and the fish were just as excited as we were. They were bobbing out of the water as soon we sat down and started working on our feet right away.

And, man did they tickle or what?! When they started working at the bottom of my feet, I kind of had to brush them away because it was sooo ticklish! They also gave my feet the feeling of ‘pins and needles’ — but in a pleasant way.

What’s the benefit? The fish are supposed to eat dead skin. If you expect callous-free heel and cuticle-free toes afterward, don’t hold your breath. I honestly couldn’t tell the after-before difference. But then again, it could be that there’s so much dead skin cells on my feet to begin with.

And besides, I didn’t have that much fish working on me. Apparently they liked my mom’s feet so much more (see pic above). What could that possibly mean? Our family jokes that my mom’s feet probably taste more like the dried worm that they are usually fed with :p

Would I do it again? The price is a little pricey for a treatment which benefit I can’t see right away. But I enjoyed the feeling of these fish nibbling on my feet, so I will definitely do it again if it’s a little cheaper OR if the spa environment is a little bit more than a corner of a cafeteria like this one.

It was a little weird having people drinking their coffee and nibbling on their breakfast snack watch you feeding the fish their breakfast.

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23 Replies to “Dead Skin Eating Fish”

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  2. I have been seeing these all over Malaysia and Thailand and have been tempted to go. But I'm not sure, the thought of sticking my feet in the same small tub as a bunch of backpackers before me kind of grosses me out more than the fish eating my skin:-) But I think I am going to have to do it before

    1. We thought the same thing. We asked when they clean the tub and they said they do it every morning, so we got there 15 mins b4 they're open to the first one to dunk our feet in the tub. Yay!

  3. I'm dying thinking about my mom doing the fish spa. Shrieks and screams galore. At least you and your mom shared a memorable experience together. Worth the $8, don't you think?

  4. Ooops, this was on my list of things to do in Singapore… I just came back and read this… and realized I totally forgot about it! 🙁 guess I'll have to go back to SE Asia soon :p

    1. Lol, I had my doubt at first seeing how hungry these fish were. They were jumping out of the water with excitement (or hunger?) when they saw us approach. Seen some pics where the spa uses MUCH bigger fish. Now, that… that I don't think I'll do.

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  6. Haha ewww the comment about people eating breakfast while you get it done! I couldn't eat there! haha. I do want to go to a fish spa though whenever I get to SE Asia!!

    1. It was an interesting experience. I'd like to go where they allow you to imerse your whole body. Not sure if I can handle the tickles though.

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