11 Reasons We’re Going on A RTW Trip

When we were crafting our RTW itinerary, (which we quickly gave up on and decided not to have one), we were focusing mostly on the logistic side of things and to a slighter extent, our own lists of favorite countries/regions to visit. It was a very frustrating time because there are just way too many variables to consider.

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But we’ve learned from past travels that sometimes it’s the unexpected and the unplanned that formed the most lasting memory.

So after awhile, even though it took some getting used to considering that we (although it’s mostly, me — Jill ) are over planners by nature, we’re ok with the idea of not having a concrete plan. That’s basically ‘the’ plan.

Our upcoming RTW trip is only 3 months away, and we haven’t even created an official list of must-see things. It is mostly due to laziness than a tribute to any travel philosophy, really. But it’s also partly because sight seeing isn’t our only goal on this trip.

We’re hoping that on top of sight seeing, we would also be able to focus on experiencing and learning useful skills. Sight seeing is great. We all secretly have a list of things that we need to check off, but we’re hoping that coming back home we’ll have more to show than a bunch of photographs and a completed list of must-see things and do for each country we visit.

It’s also a way to convince our parents that this is not going to be a complete waste of money 🙂

So here are some things we hope we get to experience during our upcoming trip, aka

Our bucket list:

  1. Rock climbing — our other passion. We’re going to try to visit climbing destinations in each region we find ourselves in. Rock climbing has taken us to beautiful places that are off the main tourist trail and led us to meet interesting people. We’re hoping to have a similar experience abroad.
  2. Discovering the best fair trade coffee from around the globeCoffee is another one of our passions. As a matter of fact, Jack is working on a coffee-related blog. So keep an eye out on that. We have this crazy idea of opening a coffee tasting-slash-coffee shop after we get back from our RTW trip and we’re really looking forward to learning more about coffee on this trip.
  3. Teaching English and volunteering — and maybe both at the same time. Crazy! We haven’t done much research on this yet, but we will once we’re on the road. We’re particularly interested in volunteering at animal conservation parks and/or teaching computer/english.
  4. Going on a camel ride and camping in a desert, Lawrence of Arabia style — totally NOT influence by the movie. Honestly.
  5. Going on a multi-day trekking — we’re not going to do the Inca trail, but we’re hoping we might be able to do some trekking around Patagonia assuming we get there in the right season.
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  7. Experiencing a nomadic lifestyle in Mongolia — We’ve heard that you can rent or buy a horse in Mongolia for pretty cheap and just take off into the great Mongolian plain, camping wherever you feel like it. But first, it’s probably a good idea for us to learn how to ride a horse. If not, ger-to-ger travel sounds like an appealing alternative.
  8. Learn to ride a horse — preferably before we get to Mongolia.
  9. Learn to scuba dive somewhere tropical — I’ve wanted to learn to scuba for a very, very long time. Which is strange considering I have a big fear of the ocean. Not to mention that — I’m so embarrassed to admit — I can’t swim (Jack, however, should probably be born a fish. He’s like one in the water).

    But I’m hoping that somehow, maybe after seeing sea lions gallivanting in the waters of Galapagos, maybe? I’d pluck up the courage needed to learn how to swim and get that certificate once and for all.

  10. Learn Russian in one of the -stan’s — I have a secret crush on Central Asia and I’d really like to explore the region and its people. I think learning a little Russian beforehand won’t hurt. This place in Kyrgyzstan offers Russian course for as cheap as $4/hr.
  11. Overland travel across Sahara in Africa — this could turn out to be prohibitively expensive. So depending on financial situation, we might not be able to do it. But Africa fascinates me and if not on this trip, sometime in my lifetime I really, really would like to do the eastern route of this supposedly amazing journey.
  12. Survive living off a backpack for a year and being 24/7 with Jack — the ultimate goal

So like I’ve said, we’re hoping to gain some useful life skills on this trip. Even though I might exaggerate the ‘useful’ part a bit 🙂 If you have any tips/suggestions on how we can make this list happen, let us know in the comment section below.

What does YOUR bucket list look like?

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